Lush - In Your Dreams Gift Box.

With Valentine's right around the corner, Lush have released a small collection of limited edition products along with four gift boxes. I was gifted one as a belated present which I was rather excited about, as it contains two products I have yet to try.

I love these little Lush boxes as they come pre wrapped and they're just really lovely. There's boxes with just a couple things, right up to ones that are filled to the brim with products for those that you really want to spoil. There's something for everyone's price range.

The beautifully wrapped box (that I didn't want to open) contains two bath products.

Unicorn Horn was something I missed out on last year. I never got round to picking it up but apparently it was slightly disappointing. This year they've revamped it so not only does it look better, it also performs better.

This is a lustre covered bubble bar that has relaxing hints of lavender, ylang ylang and neroli. Apparently neroli oil helps increase the serotonin levels in the brain, which I always welcome as it's well documented that I have a chemical imbalance. Leaving you a little more cheery.

When in the bath this produces plenty of bubbles and leaves you bathing in pink water.

Tisty Toasty bath bomb is the other product in this little box of goodies. Lush have based this on a medieval love potion and is studded with seven real rosebuds, which you can see peeking out.

It's scented with floral orris root powder, rose and lemon alongside geranium and jasmine. Giving it a slightly musky but relaxing floral scent.

Unlike most bath bombs form Lush this has no crazy colours or funky additions, besides the rosebuds. But the scent provides you with a truly relaxing bath.


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