NYX Liquid Suede.

Last summer seems like a distant memory but during that time NYX previewed a new lip product at Gen Beauty - Liquid Suede. There is currently twelve shades in the range with everything from a nude to an almost blackened grey.

NYX has always been a bit of a hassle to get here in the UK. Whilst there's numerous stockists, they only seem to carry a few bits with very limited shades and never get any new releases. Towards the end of last year NYX launched into Boots and we could all breath a sigh of relief. Finally somewhere to get your NYX fix and rack up those Boots points at the same time. Whilst the products are predominantly online, NYX stands are being introduced to certain Boots across the country.

Tea & Cookies, Life's A Beach, Pink Lust, Sway, Amethyst.

I decided to get the five shades that stood out the most to me.

Tea & Cookies - An everyday muted blush pink. I usually go for light, bright pinks (think Snob) so I don't really have anything like this. It's a nice change.

Life's A Beach - A bright coral that tends to lean more pink than orange. Not usually something I wear but I thought I would try and be more adventurous come summertime.

Pink Lust - A perfect hot pink with just a hint of blue to keep it from being too warm.

Sway - A light lavender that looks a little more purple in person. Supposedly a dupe for Blow Pony by Jeffree Star. I can see this being paired with Amethyst for an ombre lip.

Amethyst - A rich mid-tone purple. Pulls just a tad more blue on camera. Not something everyone will want to wear but I myself adore a good purple lip.

Liquid Suede is their take on the liquid lipstick trend. Highly saturated colour that dries to a semi matte finish. The drying time differs per shade and it can occasionally leave a tacky feeling on the lips. But I found dusting a little translucent powder over the top combats that feeling and makes them matte. They apply with a large doe foot applicator and whilst it deposits just the right amount of product, it's difficult to get a crisp clean line around the edge of your lips.

The formula contains glycerin, olive oil and avocado oil which makes the formula more wet than a regular liquid lipstick. But it keeps lips from drying out too much. Once it's fully dry you don't tend to get any transfer when drinking or eating besides oily food, like you'd expect from any liquid lipstick.

Overall I think these are a good option if you're on a budget, or perhaps looking to experiment with colours that are out of your comfort zone. Whilst the feel on your lips can take some getting used to they last a significant amount of time on the lips.

£6.50 / 4ml

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