Hello April.

It's been quite some time time since I did one of these little monthly roundups. So what happened in March?

» I managed to write and schedule blog posts for nearly every other day. I ended up with 14 posts which is not something I've hit in a month since 2013! It feels good to have my motivation back and to be writing again. All it takes is a bit of planning.

» I had a little switch up with the blog layout. The blue was very 'me' but I fancied a change for a little while. It feels fresh and new to me. Change is good. Sometimes.

» Halsey collaborated with M.A.C on a rather interesting lipstick shade, which I'm hoping to get my hands on.

What do I hope to get out of April?

» I think the April quote in my Erin Condren (above) is something I need to practise. I need to stop worrying over things I cannot control. Just let them go, breathe and be happy.

» I'd really like to get my home life a little more organised. Tidy home, tidy mind and all that jazz. It can just be so hard when even getting out of bed is a struggle. We'll see.

» We've had quite a lot of nice weather lately so I'm hoping it's here to stay but I'm sure it won't be. Is it ever?

I don't really have anything planned for April, it's a nice quiet month after the rush of Easter. I shall be glad when the kids are back at school though. It means it's safe to leave the house and not be bombarded with children everywhere I go.

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