Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick - Breakfast At Tiffany's.

At the start of last year Jeffree Star released his much anticipated cosmetic line. It started small, with three liquid lip colours. Fast forward a year and there's now 23 permanent shades with more on the way. Along with lip scrubs, upcoming releases of lipsticks, highlighters and an eyeshadow palette.

Some of you may remember Jeffree from back in the MySpace days. Nope? Just me then. I wasn't a fan of him then and I still find him to be a little coarse now but putting that aside, do his cosmetics live up to the hype?

I thought I would start off by showing you one of my most recent additions to my Jeffree collection. It's one of those colours that won't be for everyone but I just had to try it. Especially since it's eye safe so would make a fabulous liner.

Breakfast At Tiffany's is the most perfect Tiffany box blue, as you would expect. Is it blue? Is it green? It's the perfect mix of both.

The formula has a soft texture that's highly saturated, only needing one swipe for opaque cover regardless of your natural lip shade. Lasting for a good six hours without the need for touchups, providing you avoid oily food but the same goes for and longwearing liquid lipstick. Out of all that I've tried this is the least drying, most pigmented and long lasting.

It comes with a large doe foot applicator which can take some getting used to but it helps the product glide over your lips. In the beginning the lipsticks were unscented but Jeffree has started adding to some of the more newer shades. Instead of opting for your traditional vanilla he's gone for a vanilla root beer scent which isn't something I thought I'd like but it makes a refreshing change.

Overall I cannot recommend these highly enough. I have six currently and they all apply and wear beautifully. There's a shade for everyone be it a muted pink, an everyday nude or even a navy blue. Whilst there's a selection of colours that are more 'out there', there is definetly your more toned down everyday colours which are worth a look.

£14 / 5.6ml

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