Pandora Valentines.

I've been meaning to write this post for absolutely ages but it always got put on the back burner in favour of newer things I've gotten.

Recently I came across Mora Pandora. Ellie runs a fabulous Pandora blog, posting about new releases and previews, alongside reviews on charms. Since following her I've been getting more into collection releases.

Valentine's was the first collection that I could get into as by the time I started following them, the Christmas collection had already been released. Of course being that it's Valentine's it was full of hearts and pinks, which isn't something I usually go for but seeing it in person definitely helped changed my mind.

Heart Beat Charm
This was the one that stood out to me most in the preview images but I wanted to see it in person before purchasing. I'm glad I did as on the website it looks quite dull and could possibly be overlooked. The charm itself is a silver heart overlaid with a pinky red enamel, giving it a jelly like finish. In some lights it looks more red than pink and vice versus. What drew me to this charm was the unique finish as I don't believe they have done something like this before.

Together Forever Pendant Charm
This year was the first time I'd had a proper Valentine's (yep, I'm that sad!) and I was lucky enough to have this gifted to me. Aside from a single rose, this was my favourite as I get to wear it everyday. This charm is one of the few that isn't threaded as it's classed as a pendant charm. The front has an oxidised finished with a cut out heart. The back could have been left plain but instead it has a polished finished with 'I love you' engraved around the edges. Which I think is a really lovely touch.

Where to buy:

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