Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick - Scorpio.

Just recently I wrote about a new Jeffree Star liquid lippie I had acquired - Breakfast At Tiffany's. It's not the most wearable colour but whilst I was ordering that, I also decided to go for the newly released shade called Scorpio. Definitely one for those less brave.

Scorpio is one of those colours that I think will look different on everyone, depending on your skin tone. It's a greyed purple that tends to at times look a little darker on my fair complexion. I've found that just lightly dabbing it on with my finger definitely helps the purple tones show a little more.

As I've previously mentioned these come with quite a sizeable doe foot applicator. It can take some a little getting used to for those crisp, clean edges. Nonetheless it applies the product evenly and flawlessly, having seemingly just the right amount you need.

Some of the newer shades that are being released have a scent in the formula. This doesn't and Jeffree explains the scent as being the 'raw ingredients' without anything else being added. I can understand why they might do this but it can be a little off putting when you first smell it.

I really do think that this is one of those brands to watch out for. People are already going crazy trying to get new releases and having them sell out in minutes. It's not Kylie Jenner crazy but who knows what the future holds? With an eyeshadow palette on the way and some killer highlighters that are in the biggest pans I have ever seen, don't hesitate if you see something you want.

£14 / 5.6ml

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