Cuticura Cherry Shimmer Hand Gel.

I thought I'd post up a little one today for something that I saw recently on a trip to Boots. 

I know I've posted about it numerous times before but I have a slight problem with hand washing. So of course when I'm on the go all day, out and about I need something that can help me with this which is where I find hand gel comes in. I don't care where it's from but as long as it has a nice scent to it, I'm in. Come on Bath & Body Works, come to the UK!

I'm not sure when this new Cuticura range was launched but it's brightly coloured bottles caught my eye in passing.

I love anything cherry scented so this was an instant buy for me. Sweet, tart cherries with a touch of sweetness. They also have two other scents. Mango Shimmer which is full of citrusy goodness and Berry Shimmer which is juicy berries with a hint of sweet vanilla.

There's not a great deal I can say about this, it does what it's supposed to. Whilst there is of course slightly cheaper versions, I find they usually come with a more alcohol based scent. Anything that gets rid of that is fine by me. Really worth checking out though if you want to keep your hands clean on the go.

£1.99 / 100ml

Where to buy:

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