Seven Years.

I'm sure I say this every year but if you'd have told me even just a few years ago, that I'd still be here, still writing. I probably wouldn't have believed you let alone if you'd have told me that seven years ago.

I'd planned to get this post up earlier in the week since it was technically my blogs birthday on Monday. But I haven't been feeling right since I got back from IMATS at the weekend, I seem to have caught a nasty infection or virus. Teamed with the unusually warm weather we're currently having, I really haven't felt at all well and still don't at present. Hence the short post.

I have a whole bunch of goodies from IMATS to show you, along with a load of photos that need editing and uploading. I think out of the four times I've been, this was by far the best but I'll go into that in a separate post.

I'll end this by saying thank you to everyone that still reads my little slice of the internet and has stuck by me even when my posting's been a little hit and miss. Thank you - have a cake on me!

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