Crown & Glory Bobby Pin Club - August.

Social media is a wonderful thing except for when it comes to surprises. Beauty subscriptions and the like are generally staggered when being despatched. I'm one of those that whilst I kinda love surprises, I hate the waiting. So I usually find myself stalking hashtags to see what everyone else got whilst I'm stuck at work.

I usually do that around the time of the month that Crown & Glory send out their BPC subscriptions but I completely forgot so it was a total surprise to me this time.

For August they teamed up with Lemon Freckles. An Etsy shop inspired by Toni's love of brightly coloured and cute things. She also runs a blog over at which I've been binge reading.

I wasn't sure what to expect as I didn't research the shop beforehand but I was pleasantly surprised. It's rather fitting that we finish summer with a brightly coloured aqua and lilac mermaid shell, with yellow and coral details along with a touch of iridescent glitter. Finished off with a gold toned pin.

Compared to previous months this is a little less fussy in it's design but I think it's just as lovely. It doesn't need any extras, the colours and the hint of sparkle are all it needs. I can imagine this looking particularly beautiful in blue and turquoise hair, showing your inner mermaid.

Sign ups for next month open on September 1st so get in their quick if you want a place.

£5 per month

Where to buy:

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