Imperial Leather Shower Gel - Marshmallow.

It's not very often I generally favour a no-frills shower or bath usually it's because I'm ill. I've been enjoying something that's rather cheap in comparison to my usual Lush gels.

Last year Imperial Leather released a range of sweet inspired shower gels. I posted about the Spearmint which I wasn't a fan of.

This, however, has a sweet scent that isn't too strong. It's just nice and comforting without being too overbearing. It foams up really well when using a shower lily (which is such a nicer name than loofah btw!) and doesn't leave my skin feeling uncomfortably dry.

There's not much I can say about this but if you're looking for a cheap, nicely scent gel that's readily available then this is a lovely little addition.


Where to buy:

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