Life Lately {In Verbs} #1.

I love reading little life updates from my favourite bloggers but sometimes sitting down and actually talking about everything can make posts super long.

I nabbed this idea after seeing it on one of my favourite blogs - Cider With Rosie. It's a nice, simple and quick way of updating. So here's a few little thoughts before I pass out from exhaustion (see rubbish moment of the week).

Photo via Unsplash

Drinking: Copious amounts of freshly made lemonade, especially if it's the pink kind.

Watching: Stranger Things. After hearing everyone rave about it, I binged watched it in two sittings. There are honestly no words for it other than what the hell. I will be very surprised if they don't do another season, more please!

Enjoying: Warm summery days, the kind where you can skip wearing a thick jumper.

Wearing: Beautiful, handmade dichroic glass earrings from Etsy. The light hits them and they go between blues and purples to hot pink, orange and even yellow.

Using: The Productive app has helped me keep on top of my daily habits and become better at them. Purely because you get streaks if you don't miss a habit you've set for yourself, totally bringing out my competitive side and the one that wants everything perfect.

Best moment of the past week: Seeing old work friends. If only for a short visit to where I used to work, it was nice to see everyone and have a little catch-up.

Rubbish moment of the past week: Working eight long days without a day off but I'm done now so it's sleepy time for me.

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