Pandora Essence.

Pandora seems to be one of those things that once you start buying, it becomes a bit of an addiction. Ever since I received my 'moments' bracelet as a Christmas gift, I've spent countless hours browsing their website and adding things to my wishlist.

The Essence line is slightly different in the way they work. First off, the bracelets are slightly thinner. At present, you can choose from a standard snake chain bracelet, a silver bangle, a silver ball chain or a two tone bracelet which features a 14ct gold clasp. All the Essence bracelets feature a spherical clasp.

As for the charms, they tend to be somewhat more simplistic in design. One of their main features is that they're lined with silicone. This allows the charms to be fixed in one place on the bracelet, meaning they don't slide around. This means that you can't use these on the regular bracelets and vice versa.

They also tend to represent your inner qualities such as compassion, friendship, courage and wisdom just to name a few. This is stamped on the silver portion of the core, which serves as a little reminder. Especially in my case.

Essence Silver Bangle
I decided to go for the bangle option as I didn't like the look of the silver ball chain bracelet and I wanted something a little different to offset my regular Pandora bracelet. I did think this would be awkward to get on and off but you just twist the ends and it opens up easily enough. The bangle uses metal memory which means that it just springs straight back into place once you let it go. It can on occasion be a little fiddly to do the clasp up but you get used to it.

Essence Positivity Charm
I knew straight away that I wanted this charm. Not only because of the marble-like pattern but the quality it represents also. Positivity is something I severely lack so I thought it'd be a sweet little daily reminder. The charm has a sterling silver core encased in a magnesite surrounding. Since this is a natural stone there can be variations between charms, as seen in my last photo. I opted for the left-hand charm as I wasn't particularly happy with the first one I had. That's one of the reasons I prefer buying in person but I didn't this time around. That'll teach me!

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