Nike Premium Tennis Classic Trainers.

I think I've finally come to that age where I'm all about the comfy shoes. There will be occasions where I dig out the heels but for day to day wear you'll usually find me in a pair of Vans.

A couple of years back Nike released an insanely holographic high top which totally wasn't my style. But since then I've been on the hunt for iridescent trainers.  I came across these just by chance as I was looking for something else but I knew I had to get them.

I would apologise for the spam but I'm not even sorry, look how beaut they are! I tried to catch them in different lights as they just dance between a whole spectrum of colours.

As for comfort, I've been a big fan of Nike for years and they're my go to brand for trainers. They're always true to size and even come in half sizes if it's something you need. I find that a lot of shoe brands tend to forget thata half size can make all the difference.

I find overall once they're broken in a little, they're incredibly comfortable and last for a considerable amount of time.

If this style hadn't come with the iridescent flair I wouldn't have looked twice at it. It's a little too white since I'm usually wearing all black they stand out a little but they have that little something different about them.

They've done a number of different styles with the holographic details including the Air Force 1, Rosche, and the classic Air Max (next on my list). If you're looking for something a little different I think these definetly fit the bill.


Where to buy:

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