Lush Pumpkin Bath Bomb.

If there's one thing I love doing it's having a soak in a Lush bath. But for convenience and time sake I usually opt for a shower. After visiting Lush Oxford Street a little while ago I seem to have refound my love for them.

As each year passes Halloween tends to make its way over to the UK just that little bit more. And whilst previous years for Lush's Halloween releases have felt a little sad, this time around it was brimming with products both new and old favourites.

I decided to try something from the Halloween lineup today as I felt the need for a warm, comforting bath.

Once in the water Pumpkin is a fast fizzer but it lasts for quite some time. It fizzes with yellow and oranges, although doesn't produce as much of a show as some others. It leaves you with bright orange water that reminds me a little of tomato soup.

The scent has a zesty note upon first smell but turns warm and spicy with a powerful throw. The sweet vanilla absolute gives a smooth finish to the cinnamon bark oil. It reminds me of Christmas cookies and home baking.

As there's no shimmer or anything like that, it makes post bathing clean up non-existent. Some bath bombs can leave tide marks or trails of glitter after the water's drained. I was quite surprised this didn't leave an orange ring around my bath.

Overall I think the scent is something a little different, it's decadent but without being too heady. If you like Halloween and foody scents this one is worth a try.


Where to buy:
Lush Oxford Street exclusive

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