Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... Unless you work in retail (I do), in which case it's probably one of the worst times. Especially as it starts in September! Anything that can help with putting that little bit of ~magic~ back into Christmas is definitely welcome.

That's where Winter Wonderland comes in. I've never been before but have always wanted to. I just don't like the idea of being around lots of people at any time of the year, especially at Christmas and in London.

I recently posted about the ice sculptures which can be found at The Magical Ice Kingdom but today I wanted to focus on the rest of the event. Whilst the entrance fee itself is free, you'll find a whole host of things you'll want to buy. Be that holiday trinkets, food or some of the shows such as The Nutcracker On Ice.

A lot of the vendors only take cash, whilst some do have an EFT machine I would recommend taking cash. As for how much, that's really down to you. I was overwhelmed with everything that I didn't really buy much. But now I know what to expect for next year.

On that note, I'd also point out that food especially and drinks are wildly expensive. I know, I know - it's London and all but nearly £8 for a tortilla wrap? So if you have room for your own drinks and snacks I'd definitely do that

For me personally, it really helped put the magic back into Christmas. It took me a while to sort through the hundreds of photos I took. So without further ado, I shall leave you with just a selection - enjoy!

More photos after the cut ...


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