Lush Oxford Street - The Basement.

If you've ever been to Lush Oxford Street you'll know that it can be a bit of a sensory overload. So many smells, so many products and three floors to explore. The first time I visited I was so overwhelmed with the vast amounts of products, I didn't know where to begin. After being a few times now I have a general feel for the store and the layout.

If you haven't been and it's easily accessible to you - are you ok?! It's a must for any Lushie.

On my most recent visits during November, I took so many photos I thought rather than do one gigantic post it would be easier to digest if I split them up into the three floors of the store.

Starting from the bottom we have The Basement ...

The Basement is home to the Lush Spa treatments and music which is available for you to sample and buy for use at home. It also has a selection of products for pampering yourself in the luxury of your own home.

When going into the lower section of the shop you're first greeted with a small selection of their skincare and fresh face masks, which almost look good enough to eat. Though I don't suggest it.

I think the main feature of the lower floor is the vast array of massage bars. Whilst there my mum was offered a chance to have someone try them on her which she jumped at. She ended up leaving somewhat relaxed and with silky soft arms.

Dotted around the wooden shelves you'll find numerous glass jars full of raw ingredients with information on where it's come from and how it's harvested, alongside the benefits of why Lush use it in their products.

You'll also find a large section dedicated to the Gorilla Perfumes. You'll find classics such as Dirty and Vanillary as well as new additions like I'm Home and Cardamom Coffee which were available at the Lush Creative Showcase back in September.

The Basement is the smallest section of the shop but it's by no means cramped. It has a slightly more chilled out vibe which is a nice change from the other floors.

I shall have seperate posts on the rest of my Oxford Street experience shortly so look out for those, as they're full of exciting goodies.

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