Pandora Precious Princess Charm.

Christmas has been and gone for another year so I'm sure your subscription boxes and numerous feeds will be full of 'what I got' type videos and posts. For the most part, I got things that I'd been after - unicorn and Dory related things, plenty of sweet treats and some other random little bits and bobs.

One of my favourite gifts I received came in my favourite little white box. As part of their winter additions to the lineup, Pandora added a cute little princess and prince charm. Both simple in design but incredibly cute. It was something I'd had my eye on because I'm a princess (well according to the person who gave it to me I am).

The charm itself has a round face, slightly oxidised eyes that look a little darker on the stock photo, a little button and nose and cute feminine lips. Her hair is parted and pinned pack on either side with a 3 pointed crown atop, reminds me more of a tiara actually but that's neither here nor there. The back of the charm is plain in design except for the hairline which is where you'll find the hallmarks.

Whilst the design is simple I feel like it works really well alongside my playful pig from last Christmas. So I ended up moving my charms around a little so they sat in the middle of my bracelet around the Valentine's heart beat charm. I think they go really well together.

A lovely little addition with a lot of meaning and love behind it.


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