The Magical Ice Kingdom - An Arctic Adventure.

For all the years I've lived a quick train ride away from London (four to be precise) I've never visited Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. There's just something about being around hoards of people for a prolonged period of time that makes my anxiety peak. Probably part of the reason I've avoided it.

My mum came up for a few days in November so we decided to take a day trip and see what all the fuss was about. I will have another post up on the whole experience but today I wanted to focus on something that totally blew me away.

The Magical Ice Kingdom is something mumma suggested as she'd been told it was amazing. I thought to myself 'ice sculptures? Mehhh!' I went into it having very low expectations of the whole experience but it was so amazing.

The sculptures are created from over 500 tonnes of water and snow, which is just hard to even imagine that amount. Inside the temperature is kept at -8°C though it was -10°C when we walked it so wrap up warm! By the end of it, I couldn't feel my thumbs but you exit out to a big, roaring fire - just perfect for warming yourself up afterwards.

There's not much I can say for the inside except I really didn't expect it to me as amazing at it was. The attention to detail was second to none so I shall let the photos speak for themselves. I've put quite a lot under a jump cut so as not to crash my homepage - enjoy!

View the rest of the photos after the cut ...


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