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Lush - In Your Dreams Gift Box.

With Valentine's right around the corner, Lush have released a small collection of limited edition products along with four gift boxes. I was gifted one as a belated present which I was rather excited about, as it contains two products I have yet to try.

I love these little Lush boxes as they come pre wrapped and they're just really lovely. There's boxes with just a couple things, right up to ones that are filled to the brim with products for those that you really want to spoil. There's something for everyone's price range.

The beautifully wrapped box (that I didn't want to open) contains two bath products.

Unicorn Horn was something I missed out on last year. I never got round to picking it up but apparently it was slightly disappointing. This year they've revamped it so not only does it look better, it also performs better.

This is a lustre covered bubble bar that has relaxing hints of lavender, ylang ylang and neroli. Apparently neroli oil helps increase the serotonin levels in the brain, which I always welcome as it's well documented that I have a chemical imbalance. Leaving you a little more cheery.

When in the bath this produces plenty of bubbles and leaves you bathing in pink water.

Tisty Toasty bath bomb is the other product in this little box of goodies. Lush have based this on a medieval love potion and is studded with seven real rosebuds, which you can see peeking out.

It's scented with floral orris root powder, rose and lemon alongside geranium and jasmine. Giving it a slightly musky but relaxing floral scent.

Unlike most bath bombs form Lush this has no crazy colours or funky additions, besides the rosebuds. But the scent provides you with a truly relaxing bath.


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Cocoa Couture Luxury Chocolates.

I'm just going to preface this post by saying I am in no way a food blogger. I mean, I love eating but I'm not that great at descriptions.

When I was gifted these chocolates I knew instantly they were Instagram-able. If that's even a thing?! Upon trying them I realised I had to do a post about them. I've had chocolates but these are something else. They're the perfect little gift for someone who likes chocolate and let's be real here, who doesn't?

Salted Caramel is topped with a milk chocolate swirl and crispy decorations. Underneath lies a gorgeous, thick caramel that sounds simple but it is truly delicious.

Red Berries Créme is a milk chocolate shell, dipped in white chocolate. Inside it's filled with the most delicious cream that reminds me of summer. It's refreshing and light with a creamy finish, all topped with a white chocolate swirl.

Banoffee Pie is shaped like a cupcake rather than a slice of pie, the bottom portion is thick, gooey banoffee flavoured caramel whilst the top has piped white chocolate, a drizzle of milk chocolate and some golden sprinkles just for good measure.

Raspberry Cheesecake is a milk chocolate shell, brimming with sweet raspberry cream which has a thick caramel like texture. All finished with white chocolate and sprinkles. Delicious!

Lemon Meringue Cheesecake has a thin milk chocolate shell which is generously dipped in white chocolate. Inside is the most wonderful cream, just the right amount of lemon and the slightly creamy tang that you get after eating lemon cheesecake. All topped with a drizzling of chocolate and a sprinkling of crushed meringue.

Dark Chocolate Ganache was donated to someone who actually appreciates and likes dark chocolate, I do not. However like the rest it's lovingly decorated and finished with silver sprinkles.

£5 / 100g

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Yankee Candle - Berry Trifle.

As part of Q4 and their Christmas collection, Yankee Candle released four new festive scents.
Bundle Up - a scent of fresh linen with a touch of citrus.
Cozy By The Fire - a warm mix of ginger, clove and orange combined with wood notes.
Winter Glow - scent of frosted leaves on snow covered trees with a strand of evergreens.

Along with Berry Trifle, which is still currently available so I thought I'd pop a little review incase anyone's interested in getting it whilst you still can.

As I tend to favour fruity food scents, this is the one that appealed most to me. I ordered it online without testing the scent in person as I knew it would be my kind of thing.

Berry Trifle brings us an offering of fresh, tangy berries mixed with soft swirls of vanilla cream.

The scent of this isn't as strong as most Yankee scents, meaning that the throw isn't as powerful. I burn all my candles in my bedroom so whilst I find no problem with it, if you're looking to burn this in a larger sized room you might want to go for a different scent.

The berries and the vanilla mix well together, giving a different take on the usual fruity scents that Yankee provide us with. Whilst I'm glad to have purchased it there is definitely scents I prefer over this.

If you've been meaning to buy it, it's currently available from House Of Harris with a little bit of a discount, as well as some other online shops.


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Pandora Princess Tiara Ring.

For the longest time I've been lusting after some bits from Pandora, I blame the girls at work. Christmas was good to me and I managed to acquire quite a few gifts to start my collection.

One of my favourite pieces is something that can make you feel like a princess everyday and who doesn't want that?

I've been eyeing this up in stores for ages and it feels good to finally have it. I was quite surprised when I put it on as it feels so smooth on the finger. Which sounds a little odd but that's in part due to the base of the ring being the same as their bubble stacking ring. It's completely smooth so it feels completely to different to the flat bands I'm used to.

With the bubble band being the base, on top of that we have the signature Pandora heart with a cubic zirconia in the middle. Either side of the heart we have 3 swirls decreasing in size, leaving the back third of the band open and just the simple bubble. Again, something else that helps to add to the comfort of wearing this ring.

This is part of the stacking range so you can either wear it on it's own or pair it with others to create something unique to you.

With Valentine's right around the corner, what better reason to treat yourself or  leave hints for someone else.


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Glossybox - January.

The start of a fresh new year brings us a fresh new batch of beauty boxes. I'm quite interested to see what they bring to the table this year. Both in terms of new brands and products, along with what beauty trends they decide to focus on.

First up this month we have the 'Year Of More' box*.

Naobay - Orange Juice Hand Cream
£14 / 100ml
This was the first thing I laid eyes on when I opened the box and I couldn't wait to try it. You don't have to use a lot of product to get soft, supple hands. It sinks in extremely easily and has a slight scent of fresh orange, that isn't too citrusy or sweet.

Madara - Celluar Repair System
£38 / 30ml
Whilst I can't vouch for how well this works as I haven't tried it for long enough and it isn't really aimed at my skin, it's a light form that absorbs quickly. One of the main ingredients is birch juice which apparently is a wonder ingredient that is currently buzzing around the beauty world.

Unani - Dermo Defense Face Mask
£11.36 / 100ml
This mask is a clear gel that instantly has a cooling feel to the skin. It's a herbal mask that claims to care for your skin and protect it, keeping it hydrated and nourished. I've been suffering with really dry skin after using benzyl peroxide, it's a small price to pay for having less painful skin. This made my skin appear a lot better than before I'd used it.

Glossybox - Eyeshadow - Glossy Mauve
£7.10 / 3g
Glossybox have definitely upped their own brand products. This shadow is buttery soft and surprisingly pigmented. I think this shadow would work great with a smokey eye and for a one shadow look when you don't have much time.

Teeez Cosmetics - Oasis Gem Lipstick - Coral Onyx
£11.93 / 3g
As soon as I applied this colour it reminded me instantly of Full Speed from M.A.C. Although the formula contains coconut oil it has a more satin finish, meaning that it lasts for longer on the lips than a colour that has more slip to it. The packaging of this is also really unique and stands out amongst others.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

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Flamingo Candles The Melt Crowd - January.

I love the start of a new month, it's like a mini imaginary fresh start. Plus it brings us a whole host of those new subscription goodies that arrive at our door once a month. 

Out of all of them I think The Melt Crowd from Flamingo Candles is the best purely because it's so different. So far I've only received one scent melt that I didn't like, out of half a years subscription I think that's pretty good going.

Each month Flamingo Candles send you a selection of eight melts. These can include collection previews and exclusive scents. If you love all things candle related, I can't recommend this subscription highly enough. It's such fantastic value. Not only do you get free delivery but each melt retails for £2 so it's a total steal!

BARE Cinnamon & Mandarin - This is from their new range of scents that are made using only 100% essential oils. I'm not big on cinnamon and I find it a bit overwhelming in this scent, it seems to lose any hint of the mandarin as it's overpowered by it. I usually love their melts but really dislike this one.

Crystal Mountain Water - Usually I tend to opt for sweet, foodie scents but these makes a nice change. It's light, fresh and seems to me like a more bathroom fragrance.

Whisky - I was quite surprised when I saw this. It's a warming fragrance that I'm finding difficult to describe. It's not as strong as I expected it to be, which is a good thing. Definitely one the men wouldn't mind using.

Pink Denim - Scented with powdery fresh florals, reminding me more of a spring time fragrance. But lovely nonetheless.

Coconut - I love anything coconut scented and this doesn't disappoint. It has a really fresh scent to it finishing with a sweet note that reminds me of almond.

Strawberry Jam - This melt has a definite strawberry scent that I've smelt in other candles before but it has a slight tartness to the finish. Which seems to take away the synthetic sweetness.

Baby Powder - As soon as I smelt this it evoked memories of being much younger, covering myself in plenty of white talc. It's a light fragrance that's really lovely.

BARE Orange & Lemongrass - After smelling the cinnamon one I decided I really didn't like it so was expecting the same from this. Couldn't have been more wrong. This is sweet and mouthwateringly citrusy. Delicious!

Raspberry & Salted Caramel - This was a bonus for having my 6th box, what a nice little surprise. I've been wanting to try this scent since before I even started my subscription. The caramel has hints of vanilla, alongside the raspberry it makes for a delicious creamy treat.

I didn't post about the December box but it was full of deliciously, rich Christmas scents. As we had out of the festive season fragrances turn a little lighter and that shows through with this box.

I really like them all besides the cinnamon one which I won't be using. But I can't wait to get started on the others.

At current Flamingo Candles are having a 50% off sale on their Christmas range along with some others. I absolutely adore Bah! Humbug, it's such a unique scent. You can also save 25% everything else with the code SALE25.


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Debenhams Flowers By Post.

Something I wasn't aware of until recently was that Debenhams had an online flower delivery service. Not only that but they do next day delivery, delivery 7 days a week and you can order in advance if you really want to.

Debenhams offered me the chance to review a bouquet and a fabulous discount code for my readers to use.

It took me a little while to choose which bouquet I would like as they are all so beautiful. I opted for the Designer Sapphire*, which is no longer in their range but the arrangements they currently have are just as lovely.

The Designer Sapphire bouquet comes with a selection of blue hydrangeas with hints of lilac and pink, white roses, white oriental lilies and white crisp blooms. It might not be the most colourful bouquet they do but I was instantly drawn to the simplicity in colouring and I absolutely adore hydrangeas.

The flowers come delivered in a big, spacious, branded black cardboard box (which the kitties adore!). They come gift wrapped with a card that you can have personalised with your own message.

Debenhams guarantee your flowers for 7 days or your money back. I found these last for two weeks before the petals started to turn brown and start falling off. As the lilies came in bud they lasted a week longer.

I found the service simple, easy and prompt. The delivery arrived on the day I specified. Being that it's my first flower delivery I wasn't sure what to expect when opening the box. I know delivery drivers aren't always careful with parcels so I was pleasantly surprised to find the bouquet in perfect condition, I just had to unwrap them and pop them in a vase.

If you're looking to send a loved one flowers, I cannot recommend Debenhams Flowers highly enough. They have so many wonderful arrangements at all different price points and I would definitely have confidence in purchasing from them in the future.

You can use code DFBLOG25 for 25% off your order, this is not an affiliate link and it does not expire

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Lush Boxing Day Sale.

If you're a hardcore Lushie then I expect you'll be well versed in the fact that Lush never do sales. Except for one day of the year. The day after Christmas, also known as Boxing Day in the UK. You can get some really great deals both in store and online.

Saying that I have to start by complaining again about the way Lush have handled the sale. It may only come once a year but they really need to get their crap together. The year before last I didn't order anything because the website was glitchy, the products were showing on the site but you couldn't actually buy them. They ended up going offline and by the time it was back up it all sold out in a matter of a few hours.

This year was no different, infact I believe it to be worse. The website was offline as far as I'm aware, for almost the entirety of Saturday. People were being kicked off the website, put in a wait line for hours on end and by the time their turn came they still couldn't get on.

I was awake at about 3AM on Sunday morning and decided to check out the site to see if it had improved. To start with I could get on but I got an error every time I tried to add something to my basket. After a while I ended up sitting in a waiting line, it gives you an estimated time and since I couldn't sleep I waited it out for an hour. Before my time was up I opened the site in another tab and got straight through, added everything I wanted and checked out. Meanwhile my other tab was still sitting in the line, explain that one!

Usually I have no trouble ordering online with Lush but the sale is always a joke. If you can get to a store I definitely recommend it. If you've got hours to waste, try online.

Enough with the moaning - hopefully they'll sort it out by the time the next sale rolls around.

Santa's Belly is a bright red jelly, scented with fresh apple juice and vegan red wine amongst other things. This gives it a crisp apple scent overall with a slight tang from the other ingredients. Santa's Belly shares it's scent with the So White bath bomb that is also available at Christmas. All finished with a sprinkling of golden edible stars, though I wouldn't suggest trying to eat them.

One of the things I was most interested in trying this year was the new addition of the Christingle body conditioner. It contains jojoba oil, murumuru butter and shea butter to make it incredibly moisturising. It also has peppermint and menthol crystals to not only wake you up but leave behind a tingle on the skin. It's a bright blue conditioner, with a subtle mint scent that isn't as strong or herbal as Dirty. Massage into wet skin and then rinse off before you get out of the shower.

Though it wasn't part of the Christmas collection I'd been eyeing this up before hand. Key Lime Pie lip balm. OHMYGOODNESS. The scent of this balm is everything. It reminds me of the sweet citrus scent you get from chocolate limes or any other green sweets (favourite!). Using both almond oil and cocoa butter it's light on the lips but still leaves them feeling well conditioned.

For bath bombs I opted for my Christmas staple, Golden Wonder. It comes all wrapped up like a present, looking fairly plain on the outside. When first putting this in the water it fizzes away with white and yellow bubbles. Once getting to the centre it starts coming out with vivid blues and greens, along with a little bit of pink. Finished off with gold lustre and stars. Scented with cognac, orange and lime oils, it really is a wonder!

Yog Nog was another new addition this year that people went crazy for. Sharing it's scent with the soap of the same name. Loaded with shea and cocoa butter alongside coconut oil, it's a treat for dry skin. It smells beautiful sweet but not too sickly. Lush say it has a cinder toffee scent but it's so much more than that! It's rich, sweet and smells good enough to eat. I wish I'd picked up more of these.

Stardust is rather plain when you look at it but it comes with a beautiful vanilla aroma. It reminds me of the Vanilla Dee-Lite lotion I had way back when, not overly sweet or synthetic just a true vanilla. It contains coloured, edible stars that make their way to the surface off the water once it gets going.

Five Gold Rings (or rather four as one of mine broke off in the box) contains bubble bar rings, threaded together. They are covered in glitter so be prepared to leave a trail of gold wherever you put these. The rings contain moringa oil alongside vanilla and tonka absolute. The scent itself is hard to describe but it's like nothing Lush have released before.

Last but definitely not least was a big bottle of Snow Fairy. One of my favourite scents from Lush and one of the products that first made me fall in love with the brand. One of their most popular products and it's not hard to see why. With it's sugary sweet scent that reminds you of cotton candy, bubblegum and pear drops. It's definitely one for those with a sweet tooth.

All finished up with a Lush Times, a perfect way to plan what I'll spend my money on next.

Though the online ordering was a complete 'mare, which it usually isn't. My products arrived surprisingly fast, it ended up being just a couple of days later. I'm glad I opted to buy a few things this year as I couldn't me more pleased with them.

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The Library Of Fragrance - Gingerbread.

Though the festive season is well and truly behind us, I couldn't help but bring attention to this fragrance to those who love a bit of Christmas all year round.

I won't get too in depth about the brand as I'm sure most have heard about them by now but if you haven't please feel free to check out my Vanilla Ice Cream review for more info.

The Library Of Fragrance is a brand that hails from New York and trades under the name Demeter in the US. With a catalogue of more than 300 singular scents, there is sure to be something that's just perfect for you.

Out of all the fragrances I purchased from them, this soon became my absolute favourite. When you first spray it you're hit with an immediate warmness, like freshly baked gingerbread cookies. After a while it develops into a rich fragrance with subtle spices.

What I love about this is the warmth of the scent. It makes it so deliciously comforting and reminds me of festivities all year round. Though the fragrances don't have different notes like other fragrances, I think that's what makes them different. It's smells exactly like it's supposed to. Nothing more, nothing less.

If you're looking for a sweet, warming fragrance that evokes holiday memories I definitely recommend giving this a spritz.

£15 / 30ml

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Twenty Sixteen.

Here's to a new year, a fresh start.

A time for new beginnings, making resolutions we won't keep and trying to make it better than the last 12 months.

Here's to a new year where we let go of old negativity, grasp on to positive experiences and say yes to new things.

Here's to putting yourself first, buying that treat you've been eyeing up for ages and ordering the dessert you've been thinking about through dinner.

Here's to the sleepless late nights, followed by early morning shifts fuelled with caffeine.

Here's to the new memories we'll make, the people we'll meet and the moments we'll share.

Here's to the best year of our lives.

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