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As you read this I will be getting up and making my way down to the coast. Hastings, to be exact. To witness one of my cousins becoming a beautiful bride and welcoming her soon to be husband into this crazy family. He's stuck with us now!

This of course called for an entirely new outfit, right down to the shoes. Maybe I'll pop a photo of what I'm wearing on here if I find one that doesn't make me look too much like a flump.

It's odd for me not to be working a bank holiday weekend, though I am on Monday. But I shall be back with lots of photos (I hope) and ready for a new month and a whole bunch of new posts.

Please keep your fingers crossed that the weather holds up for us.

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Birchbox - For The Dreamers.

This month Birchbox bring us a rather special box as two lucky people will win a holiday. All you have to do is scratch off the front of the box lid and see if you've won. Unfortunately I did not but I had great fun scratching it off.

Spectrum Collections - Unicorn Tears Wonder Sponge
Ever since the Beauty Blender came onto the beauty scene there have been many imitations. Some good, some bad. This full size addition works wonderfully and comes with a good price tag. Another thing I love about it is that it's latex free. I know some of the beauty sponges contain latex so if you're allergic, give this a look!

Rituals - The Ritual Of Dao Mindful Body Scrub
£19.50 / 325ml
This scrub is incredibly mild, it's packed full of super fine Chinese bamboo particles. Whilst they may be small they work well at getting rid of any dead skin cells, leaving behind silky soft skin. It has white lotus and yi yi ren to help calm the skin and gives it a subtle scent.

Beaver Professional - Hydro Nutritive Moisturising Shampoo
£11.50 / 258ml
I haven't used this yet but it seems like it's perfect for dry and damaged hair. It's loaded with moisturising avocado oil and aloe vera extract which leave your hair soft, shiny and help to repair. I'll be keeping this for when I go away as it's the perfect travel size.

Vasanti - Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
£26 / 120ml
This is used a few times a week. You wet your face, after cleansing I presume. Massage in a pea sized amount in a circular motion, spending more time on your problem areas such as scars, blemishes or any dry patches. Rinse, pat dry and carry on with the rest of your skin care.

Vita Coco - Coconut Oil
£9.99 / 500ml
Coconut oil is one of those things that's already a staple in my beauty routine. I use it for all sorts of different things. As an intensive hair mask, in place of a shaving cream and for helping rehydrate dry skin. It's also great for replacing butter in your baking or frying, it's full of good fatty acids.

The Balm - Stainiac - Beauty Queen
£10 / 8.5ml
This is a two in one product that reminds me a lot of Benetint from Benefit. It's a gel formula that looks scary in the tube but pop it on your cheeks, rub it in and it gives you a natural looking flush to the skin. It's water based so you don't have to work stupidly quick, so just blend and leave it to dry.

Beaver Professional - Nutritive Repairing Conditioner
£11.50 / 258ml
As I said about the shampoo above, I haven't given it a proper try yet but as you only get one use out of this sachet I'll be storing it for when I go away.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

Get £5 worth of Birchbox points when you sign up here

Where to buy:

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Pandora Purple Poetic Droplets Ring.

Every now and then there's something that captures my eye from the Pandora collections that I simply must have. When I saw the promotional images for the unadorned and simple designs of the new Poetic Droplets rings, in blue, pink, clear and purple shades. I just knew I had to have the purple.

A few days after it's release I went to my favourite Pandora store, only to find they didn't currently have it in. When visiting again last week I thought I'd pop in and see if they had this time around. Turns out they did and in my size too! It was obviously meant to be.

The new Poetic Droplets rings come in two sizes, I opted for the smaller of the two as I feel it would fit better when stacking it with other rings.

The ring is made from sterling silver with a thin, rounded shank. Meaning that it sits nicely on the finger and feels smooth whilst moving it on and off. I barely notice it's there. The full bezel setting contains a purple cabochon cut cubic zirconia that is completely encase in the setting. Some bezel settings have an open back but this doesn't, meaning that it's easy to clean as there's no where for anything to get trapped.

The man made stone comes in a rich purple hue but can look lighter depending on the way the light catches it. Being that it isn't faceted and it's bezel set, it doesn't sparkle like a faceted gemstone would. Instead it seems to glow from within.

I love the simplicity of the design and feel it'll fit right in when I inevitably end up stacking up a few more rings.

On a small end note, I was always curious as to why Pandora mainly used man made stones instead of natural. Pandora as a brand are very conscious of the fact that manufacturing of natural stones has a big impact on the planet and it's environment. They're also significantly more affordable and because they are created in a laboratory the colour is always uniform.


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Byron Burger - The Byronaldo.

For the longest time I've been meaning to try out the new Byron Burger that opened in Camberley. I can never pass up the opportunity of a good burger, if ever I'm eating out it's always my failsafe option.

Whilst Byron has a menu that's pretty much set in stone, every couple of months they showcase a special burger that's only around for a short while. Tuesday saw the release of the Byronaldo so what better time to try it?

Upon entering the restaurant I was quickly given the choice of where I'd like to sit. I opted for a corner booth right next to the kitchen. For midday it was surprisingly quiet but there were people getting takeaway burgers on their lunch break and upon leaving, it had seen more than a few people decide to sit in and enjoy their burger.

Once inside it's very easy to forget that the location is inside a busy shopping centre.

When the last special was released - The Bunzilla, Byron featured a brand new milkshake flavoured with Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. Thankfully it was so popular they've decided to keep it on the current menu. Though with this special they added a salted caramel shake.

Peanut butter and chocolate is a shake flavour I just can't resist. It was deliciously thick, full of peanut buttery goodness without being overly sweet. With just the right amount of saltiness. It contained pretty decent sized cup pieces, with a whole load of them at the bottom for when you finish up.

Another new addition to the menu was the bacon cheese topped fries. A generous portion of fries loaded with their very own Freddar cheese sauce and crispy pieces of bacon.

The fries were cooked to perfection making for a crispy outer coating with a light fluffy inside. Byron's head chef Fred made his take on American cheese mixing Gran Padano, mature cheddar and Red Leicester, which he then called Freddar cheese. The overall flavour is creamy with a slight hint of mature cheese, without being overly salty. Mixed with pieces of crispy bacon it's a match made in comfort food heaven. I could see myself wanting to eat this on those cold days where all you want is a bucket load of cheesy carbs.

And of course we save the best until last. Byronaldo. We have a 6oz burger that is cooked to their standard medium level. The server informed me this would be slightly pink in the middle and I noticed she did this to everyone. As someone who very rarely eats red meat, the sight of pink meat can be slightly disconcerting.

It's then topped with crispy bacon, Freddar cheese, Bovril onions, crispy onions, bread and butter pickles and Byron's very own mustard the sauce. The sauce reminds me of the special Big Mac sauce somewhat, only better since it's loaded with that sharp pickle flavour. The onions cooked in Bovril is something I'd never heard of before but it adds a depth of rich sweetness. Whilst the pickles cut through it with a tangy sharpness.

Overall a highly comforting burger.

For a little over £20 it is on the pricer side for lunch out but I really do think it's worth the money. The service along with the food is worth every penny. It filled me up for the rest of the day but without making me so full I felt sick.

If you're looking for a new burger joint to check out I really recommend Byron. They're all over London and there's more locations opening up around the UK.

Where to find them:
The Atrium
Park Street
GU15 3PT

01276 22466


Opening hours:
11AM to 10PM - Sunday to Thursday
11AM - 11:30PM - Friday and Saturday

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Yankee Candle - Summer Scoop.

Candles are usually reserved for the cooler months but I've got a few that are more suited to the warmer days. When you've spent the day in the sun, once it's set and the temperature drops there's nothing better than lighting up a nice candle and just chilling out.

Summer Scoop is a scent I'd been dying to get my hands on for ages so when I saw it reduced I could hardly say no.

Yankee describe it as a homemade strawberry ice cream scent but there was always a hint of something else. Something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Until I bought some rhubarb tea lights and I realised that was exactly what it reminded me of.

The scent is sweet but with a light and cream finish so as not to be too sickly. I know some people say they're candles can be overpowering but I think this is more on the lighter side though the scent throw is still significant. It's worth checking out if you're looking for something to get you in the summer spirit.


Where to buy:

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Glossybox - May.

When I first got the email about this months box I couldn't be more excited. There's nothing I love more than a specially designed box.

The theme for May brings us the 'glossy getaways' box*. There's four designs which will be sent out at random, depicting four cities. London, New York, Paris and Berlin. I received the London edition, it looks so cool in person. How many landmarks can you spot?

Loceryl - Nail Gel
£16.99 / 15g
I've never seen this before but my nails are not the prettiest right now - thank you anxiety! This is perfect for damaged nails as it promotes healthy regrowth by restoring the natural water content of your nails. Apply twice daily to clean nails and you should start to see results within a fortnight.

Crabtree And Evelyn - Hand Threapy - Somerset Meadow
£6 / 25g
I could have sworn I'd tried this before, though I've tried a few different scents in this range. Upon looking through the archives I realised I actually received in a Glossybox way back in 2013. The brand describe the scent as fresh wildflowers mingled with dewy greens and water lily. With a touch of blackberry and bergamot. It has a lovely fruity floral scent. The cream itself is a thick intensive formula but it sinks in effortlessly. It's the perfect size for your handbag so that's straight where this is going.

Proper Corn - Lightly Sea Salted
85p / 25g
A nice little extra. Who can say no to a little snack whilst you're writing about your box? Or perhaps just delving into the contents. Usually I don't got for just straight up salty but I love it mixed with sweet. I thought I'd give this a whirl. Whilst it wasn't my favourite it was subtle enough and not overly salted.

Absolute New York - Velvet Lippie - Rumba
£4.93 / 6g
I've never tried them but I imagine these to be similar to the NYX Soft Matte range. It's a moussey texture that glides on easily. It's just unfortunate that this colour doesn't suit me at all. I was hoping for a muted, everyday pink but the one I received is a very bright orange coral.

Revlon - Ultimate All-In-One Mascara - Blackest Black
£9.99 / 8.5ml
Revlon have recently launched a collection of five brand new mascaras. They cover everything from definition, lengthening and volume. They also do one that claims to do it all which is the one I received. I love the packaging, the tube is a little flatter so doesn't have the tendency to roll away. The cap is super glossy and comes in different colours, depending on what the mascara does. The main tube is a rubberised matte. I was quite surprised that the brush is so small compared to most mascaras, perfect for getting right into the corners. The consistency is more on the wet side. I wasn't super impressed with it on my first try with I shall persist with it and see if it improves.

Bee Good - Youth Enhancing Plump And Firm Moisturiser
£23.30 / 50ml
£9 / 15ml
I think this is a really great travel size or just to sample it before splashing out on the full size. It contains British honey, raspberry seed oil along with hyaluronic acid and concentrated algae. After applying this my skin instantly feels ridiculously smooth, more so than any moisturiser I've tried before. Whilst I can't speak for the firming or anti ageing properties it really does feel wonderful on the skin.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

Where to buy:

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Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick - Scorpio.

Just recently I wrote about a new Jeffree Star liquid lippie I had acquired - Breakfast At Tiffany's. It's not the most wearable colour but whilst I was ordering that, I also decided to go for the newly released shade called Scorpio. Definitely one for those less brave.

Scorpio is one of those colours that I think will look different on everyone, depending on your skin tone. It's a greyed purple that tends to at times look a little darker on my fair complexion. I've found that just lightly dabbing it on with my finger definitely helps the purple tones show a little more.

As I've previously mentioned these come with quite a sizeable doe foot applicator. It can take some a little getting used to for those crisp, clean edges. Nonetheless it applies the product evenly and flawlessly, having seemingly just the right amount you need.

Some of the newer shades that are being released have a scent in the formula. This doesn't and Jeffree explains the scent as being the 'raw ingredients' without anything else being added. I can understand why they might do this but it can be a little off putting when you first smell it.

I really do think that this is one of those brands to watch out for. People are already going crazy trying to get new releases and having them sell out in minutes. It's not Kylie Jenner crazy but who knows what the future holds? With an eyeshadow palette on the way and some killer highlighters that are in the biggest pans I have ever seen, don't hesitate if you see something you want.

£14 / 5.6ml

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The Library Of Fragrance - Marshmallow.

I thought I'd just do a quick little post today as I've had a killer headache that I can't seem to shift.

I've posted numerous times before about this range of fragrances. They have such an extensive range of scents that 

Marshmallow is a light, subtle fragrance as you would expect. It mixes vanilla and hints of sugary sweetness without being too overpowering or sickly. It also seems like there's just a touch of honey at the end of the scent, which makes sense since marshmallows were originally made with honey.

Since it's such a light fragrance it isn't as long lasting on the skin as I would like but it's delicious in spite of that. I find it perfect for those days when you don't want or need a heavy fragrance.

It's not the most obscure or original fragrance from the brand but it's something I can see a lot of people falling for.

£15 / 30ml

Where to buy:

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Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette.

Urban Decay Naked palettes have a little bit of a cult following. There was the original Naked palette followed up by two successors. Then came the Naked Basics palettes both featuring six matte shades. Last summer there newest release was the Smoky palette and it seemed to send Urban Decay lovers into a bit of a frenzy. It was a step away from the gold and rosey tones from the predecessors.

As it wasn't a limited edition release I didn't rush out to get it straight away. Not so long ago I had a John Lewis voucher and I decided to spend it on this, meaning I got it for only £13.50. Bargain!

The palette is sturdy and made out of plastic that is slightly translucent with a smoky finish to it and a magnetic closure. The inside of the lid has a sizeable mirror, perfect for if you're travelling. It also contains a double ended brush with a tapered crease brush on one end and a smudger pencil brush on the other. Following on from the theme of the palette, the brush has a smoky translucent finish to the handle.

The palette itself contains twelve shades, nine of which have never been seen which is always nice! The remaining three are exclusives from past palettes. It has a range of mattes, satins and super shimmery shades.

High is a cream shimmer with micro glitter

Dirtysweet is a medium bronze

Radar is a metallic taupe with iridescent micro glitter

Armor is a metallic silver taupe with tonal sparkle

Slanted is a light metallic grey

Dagger is a medium charcoal with micro shimmer

Black Market is a jet black satin

Smolder is a deep plum taupe

Password is a cool taupe matte

Whiskey is a rich brown matte

Combust is a soft pink taupe

Thirteen is a light beige satin

The shimmery shades have the usual buttery soft finish that Urban Decay are known for. I find the mattes a little on the drier side but any eyeshadow with a matte finish tends to be. They all have fabulous pigmentation along with blendability, though again the mattes are a little drier but that's to be expected.

Overall I think the palette has a great range of cooler tones along with a few warmer ones thrown in for good measure. I love a good smoky eye so this selection of colours is perfect for that as I tend to gravitate more towards the silvery grey tones. I can't wait to have a more indepth play with this and seeing what I can create.

£38.50 / 12 x 1.3g

Where to buy:

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