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Glossybox - June.

Are we really in June? I mean, as I type this I can hear the rain hammering down outside, through the slight open crack in my window. I feel like we're still much earlier in the year.

Besides the atrocious weather, the summer products are out in force. This month Glossybox brings us a 'new discoveries' box*. Full of bits to help get you ready for the warmer weather, along with a cheeky extra.

Ladival - Sun Protection Spray SPF 15
£13.50 / 200ml
I usually go for the highest SPF I can but this is an interesting spray. It's waterproof, non greasy and perfume free. It claims to protect against infrared-A rays and protects against 4x more of the sun's rays. I might get a chance to try this if the sun ever reappears.

De Bruyère - After Sun Lotion - Monoï
£9.48 / 50ml
After spending time in the sun my skin tends to feel incredibly itchy. This is perfect for sensitive skin. Enriched with Monoï (gardenia petals soaked in coconut oil) and vitamin E it hydrates, nourishes and calms the skin. It sinks into the skin quickly leaving behind a floral coconut scent.

Origins - GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer
£24 / 50ml
If you want to smell like the inside of a Jaffa Cake, this is for you. It's lightweight, oil free and contains skin boosters such as ginseng and coffee bean. It helps skin become more hydrated and refreshed, leaving behind a healthy glow.

Emité Makeup - Lip & Cheek Tint
£12.50 / 6ml
This is the one product I was a bit eh on. The packaging looks rather nice but I find the stain much too watery. Due to my pale complexion I prefer more pink tones, this is rather red and I don't feel it suits me at all.

Spa To You - Konjac Sponge
Apparently konjac sponges are a big thing in the Asian beauty market. The sponges are made from all natural vegetable fibres from the konjac plant. Making for a super soft sponge that is gentle on the skin, whilst helping to lightly exfoliate. Hang it up to dry and it'll be ready for your next use.

Aussie Hair Care - 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor Deep Conditioner
£4.99 / 250ml
I've used this conditioner before and though this sample is nowhere near enough to cover my hair, it'll help when I start to get those dry ends. I tend to leave it on for longer than the stated time. After rinsing my hair feels soft, manageable and looks a whole lot shinier.

£10 (plus p&p) per month
Subscriptions also available with discounts

Where to buy:

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How To Fix A Broken Pressed Powder.

I'm sure it's happened to us all at some point. That horrifying moment when you drop a compact, you can almost feel it break and you know what it's going to look like when you open it ...

Well it happened to me recently with my Mary Lou-Manizer from The Balm. It's buttery soft in texture so it's no surprise that it gave up the ghost. I continued to use it for a little while after but it just became too messy, especially when travelling. So I set about learning how to fix and thought I would share how I did it.

You're going to need your broken powder of choice, rubbing alcohol (surgical spirit if like me and you're in the UK), a small pot to mix your powder in, a small spoon, plenty of kitchen roll and something the same size as your pan - I used a lid from a powder pot.

First up you're going to want to decant the entire powder into your pot, using your spoon to crush it up as finely as you can.

Using a little alcohol clean out the pan so that it's read to be repressed.

You're going to want to start adding the alcohol a little at a time to your powder mixture. Too little and it won't bind together, too much and it won't set properly.

This is where things can get a little messy, hence the lack of photos.

After you've got the right consistency it's time to move it into the empty pan. I scooped as much as I could into the spoon and popped it in, going back to scrap what was left in the pot. Then you'll need to shape and flatten it out with the back of the spoon.

Next taking some folded kitchen roll and something flat that is around the same size of your pan (mine was a powder lid), you want to put the kitchen roll over the mixture and pressed down on it with the powder lid. This helps to draw out any excess alcohol and make sure it's firmly pressed into the pan. Repeat the process until your paper is mostly dry after pressing.

Clean up the edges and leave the compact open for 24-48 hours to dry.

And voila! Once the alcohol evaporates all you're left with is a repressed powder that works exactly the same as it did before.

I wish I had done this before and I don't know why I didn't. But at least I know how to fix them now should any break on me in the future. It's also a great way to press powdered pigments which I'm curious to try.

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Pandora Signature Scent Charm.

I think we all have things we do on a daily basis without really thinking about them. It just becomes something that's so engraved in your daily routine that you just do it without even noticing. Spritzing myself with perfume is one of those things. It just doesn't feel right if I don't do it.

When I saw the first stock images for the Pandora spring charms, there was one that stood out to me the most. It's even more beautiful in person.

The 'Signature Scent' charm is a square shaped perfume bottle, with the design reciprocated on both sides which is something I wasn't expecting. Each side is studded with 22 cubic zirconia's with a large oblong one set into the lid of the design. It's engraved with 'Eau De Pandora' on either side and the hallmark is nestled neatly around the opening, meaning that when there's charms beside it the hallmark can't be seen. I know some people prefer them to not interfere with the design itself so I'm glad it wasn't placed on the bottom.

What first drew me to the design was the classic vintage feel it gives off. Plus it's unlike any charm Pandora has in it's current line up, though this was loosely based off a long retired and hard to find perfume bottle design from many years ago.

Whilst the design may seem somewhat simplistic, I feel like it could fit in alongside any theme that you have on your bracelet. Mine doesn't have one of yet but I feel like it all fits well together. It's one of the more simply designs in their line up but one that I feel still stands out due to it's uniqueness.


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Cuticura Cherry Shimmer Hand Gel.

I thought I'd post up a little one today for something that I saw recently on a trip to Boots. 

I know I've posted about it numerous times before but I have a slight problem with hand washing. So of course when I'm on the go all day, out and about I need something that can help me with this which is where I find hand gel comes in. I don't care where it's from but as long as it has a nice scent to it, I'm in. Come on Bath & Body Works, come to the UK!

I'm not sure when this new Cuticura range was launched but it's brightly coloured bottles caught my eye in passing.

I love anything cherry scented so this was an instant buy for me. Sweet, tart cherries with a touch of sweetness. They also have two other scents. Mango Shimmer which is full of citrusy goodness and Berry Shimmer which is juicy berries with a hint of sweet vanilla.

There's not a great deal I can say about this, it does what it's supposed to. Whilst there is of course slightly cheaper versions, I find they usually come with a more alcohol based scent. Anything that gets rid of that is fine by me. Really worth checking out though if you want to keep your hands clean on the go.

£1.99 / 100ml

Where to buy:

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London IMATS 2016 - The Goodies.

Aside from the wonderful makeup looks at the show, I think what most people love to see is what everyone else picked up.

If you know anything about me it's that I can't resist anything that's either duochrome or glitter. Kryolan is not a brand I usually buy from as I don't tend to shop for makeup if I'm in London and as I said in my previous post, seeing makeup in person is so much nicer than buying online.

First thing I got from them was an Illusion Highlighter in the shade Satin. It's a clear lightweight cream with lots of lovely iridescent blue. And of course right next to it was the glitters. Kryolan glitters come in three different particle sizes, all which are completely safe to use in the eye area. I opted for Pearl Lilac, a barely there white glitter that dazzles purple when the light hits it.

Later in the day I went back and swatched some of the HD Skinliners. Number 50 was the exact same shade as the top I was wearing and just so happens to be my favourite shade of turquoise blue. Once these liners are on they aren't going anywhere.

One of only things I wanted from Make Up For Ever were the newly launched Aqua XL Pencils. Some of the shades are a bit hit and miss but the staying power of all the products I've tried from their Aqua range is phenomenal. I opted for the shades D-12 Diamond Black, M-19 Matte Pastel Purple and M-16 Matte White.

From M.A.C I picked up a Pro Blush Pan in the shade Full Of Joy. I'd been meaning to get this for ages and what better time to do so. I've also been using a tiny nub of what's left of my Snob lippie, which broke just recently so I decided to treat myself to a fresh new one. Don't you just love brand new, untouched lipsticks?

I think with the other lip products I picked up we can sense a bit of a greige theme? From LA Splash I picked up the OG Ghoulish Lip Couture. The perfect cooler toned nude.

From OCC I picked up two of their RTW formulas. The first being Indrid from their Spring collection, which is described as an opalescent grey with a pink metallic duochrome. Absolutely stunning in person. Along with Sebastian which I've been dying to get my hands on for ages but it's always out of stock. OCC describe Sebastian as a plum toned taupe.

From Love Makeup I picked up a Beauty Blender. I have numerous dupes but wondered if the original really did live up to the amount of hype it got. Originally I just wanted the Micro Mini's after seeing them in my local Boots. They really are teeny tiny in person and perfect for concealing spots and under the eye area, as sometimes I prefer to use a sponge but the all over face versions are too big.

 Brushes! I love Royal brushes, they're such good quality for an even better price. I wanted to get the MODA brushes last year but they hadn't been released yet, seeing as they stocked them this year I knew I just had to try some. I picked up the Total Face set in pink which was an absolute bargain!

Along with the #BMD-100 Powder Brush because you can never have too many powder brushes! The #BMD-185 Complexion and the #BMD-656 Pointed Lip.

I also have a C152 Medium Chisel Fluff Brush from Crown which I think will work really well at popping a little shadow on the centre of the lids if you're doing a halo eye.

Last but by no means least I got this bargain of a mirror from Zoeva. It's weighty but light enough to travel with, especially as it folds away. It gives you a great overview of what you're doing but it's definitely worth keeping a smaller mirror for those up close details.

I am so thrilled with everything I purchased and cannot wait to get stuck in. I've been so unwell since IMATS I've barely touched anything so I'm really looking forward to giving these new bits a go.

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London IMATS 2016 - The Weekend.

Another year, another trip to Kensington Olympia for the show that seems to be a high point in the calendars of makeup enthusiasts and artists alike. The International Makeup Artist Trade Show.

This year was probably the best out of the four times I've been to but I'll get into that in a little bit. There were a few things that I thought spoilt it a little so I'll get those out the way first.

Usually I can tend to overlook a few bad points here and there but these seemed to just really tick me off. Starting with the Love Makeup booth. In previous years if memory serves me correct, the layout was a rectangle in which you made your way around the outside to pick up what you wanted to purchase. This year the layout felt awkward especially around the Zoeva brushes there was two different sides so you had to walk around the entire booth to get to the other side. It felt small and extremely cramped. Zoeva are really great brushes so it's no surprise that people were wanting to check them out.

YSL pulled a NARS (who were no where to be seen this year), the stand was spacious and included the new Vinyl Couture Mascara on two different stands. Upon asking if I could get the electric blue one, I was told that they in fact have no inventory stock of any of the new mascaras. So why were they on display? To me there's nothing more annoying than things being displayed but when you decide to spend good money on them they tell you they have no intention of selling them.

For example, I wanted a couple of the new Urban Decay highlighters so I made it my mission to go there when I first got inside. On the two stands I noticed square shaped gaps, presuming where these shades should be. I asked one of the lovely assistants and she said they were all out. But unlike other places they took them off display so you weren't taunted with the fact you could swatch and have a play but you can't actually buy them.

Lastly Lancôme exhibited for the first time with a really great discount. One of the things I've always read about preparing for IMATS is to take cash. Some stands don't accept card, or take the price in dollars rather than sterling. There were even some stands having trouble with getting a signal on their card reader so it took an awfully long time for the transaction to go through. After having a look at all the lovely new Juicy Shakers I decided I was definitely going to get one as I'd planned to in the near future anyway. The assistant was very charming, got the one I wanted and proceeded to put it through the till, offering me a card reader. I asked him if I could pay cash only to be informed that they didn't take cash. Sorry but what? I can understand not taking card but cash, really? There were no signs to inform me of this nor was I told until I was prompted to pay. Very disappointing on the brands behalf!

Anyway, that's enough ranting! I don't usually like 'read mores' because they're just a way to garner more views in my opinion. But I had so many photos I struggled to narrow them down and this is only around half. So I've popped under a read more and put a review of the rest of the show after, just so it doesn't crash for people when you land on my home page. Enjoy!


Seven Years.

I'm sure I say this every year but if you'd have told me even just a few years ago, that I'd still be here, still writing. I probably wouldn't have believed you let alone if you'd have told me that seven years ago.

I'd planned to get this post up earlier in the week since it was technically my blogs birthday on Monday. But I haven't been feeling right since I got back from IMATS at the weekend, I seem to have caught a nasty infection or virus. Teamed with the unusually warm weather we're currently having, I really haven't felt at all well and still don't at present. Hence the short post.

I have a whole bunch of goodies from IMATS to show you, along with a load of photos that need editing and uploading. I think out of the four times I've been, this was by far the best but I'll go into that in a separate post.

I'll end this by saying thank you to everyone that still reads my little slice of the internet and has stuck by me even when my posting's been a little hit and miss. Thank you - have a cake on me!

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Crown & Glory Bobby Pin Club - May.

I'm not sure how I hadn't heard of this before but it didn't come to my attention until I saw a post on the Crown & Glory Instagram page.

When I heard that the designer for May was Nikki McWilliams I promptly signed up. If you don't know who Nikki is, she's a biscuit-holic and has a whole shop dedicated to her love for bickies and designing things. I've seen her pieces numerous times in the past so I was looking forward to my first pin.

The biscuit inspired pin comes is a pale pink enamelled Jammy Dodger with a rose gold filigree design and a fuchsia glittery heart centre. It has a white enamelled 'biscuit babe' banner, all attached to a rose gold toned pin.

The pin is sturdy and weighty so it feels like it'll last a good amount of time. Since dying my hair back black I feel it can get a little boring. This is the perfect way of jazzing it up with zero effort at all. Just pin a piece of hair back and you're done!

Whilst each pin is limited edition and exclusive to the Bobby Pin Club there is a very small amount currently in the online store for £6 plus delivery here.

£5 per month

Where to buy:

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Alex ❤ Nikki - Happily Ever After.

Over the weekend I wrote about how I was travelling to Hastings to celebrate my cousins wedding. I wasn't sure what to expect as I've never visited before. It's the perfect picturesque seaside town. With a seafront full of arcades, eateries and a newly reopened pier. Some of the homes are just Pinterest perfect and that's just on the outside!

As for the wedding venue, it took place at The Old Rectory. A contemporary home that is extremely spacious once inside. The upstairs rooms are all fitted with marble bathrooms and have beautiful views from the huge windows.

The ceremony took place in the large, private walled garden. Thankfully the weather on Saturday was in our favour and the sun shone all day. The setting was truly beautiful and it made for a wonderful day. I was so busy eating the delightful food, I completely forgot to snap it.

As someone who had a baby less then two months ago, I think Nikki made a beautiful bride. Though I could be bias since she's family but hey!

Thank you for a wonderful day and here's to a happy and fulfilled life together.


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