Rainbow Lucky Charms


Goodbye 2016.

I recently saw a post over on Gala's blog with 10 questions to ask yourself to help end the year feeling positive and powerful. So I thought I'd fill it in and pop it up to finish off the end of this year.

« What were your top five four moments of the year? »
 Getting to see Busted at Sandown. I remember being obsessed with them when I was around 15, seeing them a decade later and still knowing all the words was just fab.
 I snipped the hair off and dyed it Dairy Milk purple. In retrospect, it seems a silly thing to have made it into my top moments. But I'd been wanting to go purple for the longest time and when work finally caught up with the times in allowing any hair colour, I couldn't not.
 After being off it for a considerable amount of time I rejoined Slimming World. It can be incredibly scary going back, especially when I know I'd put back on a lot of what lost previously. But I fully plan on sticking to it now, it feels good to be back in control.
❤ Travelling to new places out of my comfort zone, with new people. Doing things I'd usually shy away from.

« What are you really glad is over? »
I think most people will be glad that the year as a whole is over and I have to say I feel the same. 2016 was not a good year, let's hope for a better year ahead.

« How are you different today than you were 365 days ago? »
I'm verging on being closer to 30 which is a scary thought. I think in some ways I've matured but still know how to have a laugh when I need to.

« Is there anything you achieved that you forgot to celebrate? »
I attended a regional pride award for work, I definitely didn't give myself enough credit for that.

« What have you changed your perspective on this year? »
One of the most noticeable changes I feel is that I've definitely readjusted my outlook on who I can trust this year. Just because people are nice to you and want to know your business, doesn't mean you should trust them with it. It's a hard lesson to learn but a valuable one.

« Who are the people that really came through for you this year? »
I've always been one of those people that have always had a very small circle of friends with a couple of besties in the mix. As always they really had my back this year especially. Being with me when I had my good moments but even more so when I had my downs. There were also a couple of people at work that were really there for me when I needed them.

« What is something you tolerated for a long time, but now you will not? »
For the majority of the year, I let people make me feel bad for being who I am. Like I was never good enough, that I should be more ~this~ or less ~that~. I've come to realise that I'm me and if people don't like it then that's their loss. It's something I plan on working on in the new year so I stop letting silly things like that get to me.

« What old beliefs did you let go of? »
I let go of the notion that I should say 'yes' to everything so as not to seem like a bad person. Regardless of it was something I wanted to do or not, I still felt I was obligated to do it. Learning to say 'no' can be so freeing. I learnt to let go of my subconscious mindset that how I was treated in the past is how I'll be treated in the future. The two things are not mutually exclusive.

« What was one thing that you found really challenging, but can now see supported your growth? »
Every now and then my depression peaks and I can't seem to see the forest for the trees, so to speak. Every time it happens I see myself as a failure but I feel like, in the long run, it's making me a stronger person.

« If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself this time last year? »
I'd remind myself to stop focusing on the small, insignificant things. Look at the bigger picture and realise that some things just really don't matter. Eat well, sleep better and laugh more. Just look after myself properly, it's the least I deserve after all.

Here's to a better new year!


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Pandora Precious Princess Charm.

Christmas has been and gone for another year so I'm sure your subscription boxes and numerous feeds will be full of 'what I got' type videos and posts. For the most part, I got things that I'd been after - unicorn and Dory related things, plenty of sweet treats and some other random little bits and bobs.

One of my favourite gifts I received came in my favourite little white box. As part of their winter additions to the lineup, Pandora added a cute little princess and prince charm. Both simple in design but incredibly cute. It was something I'd had my eye on because I'm a princess (well according to the person who gave it to me I am).

The charm itself has a round face, slightly oxidised eyes that look a little darker on the stock photo, a little button and nose and cute feminine lips. Her hair is parted and pinned pack on either side with a 3 pointed crown atop, reminds me more of a tiara actually but that's neither here nor there. The back of the charm is plain in design except for the hairline which is where you'll find the hallmarks.

Whilst the design is simple I feel like it works really well alongside my playful pig from last Christmas. So I ended up moving my charms around a little so they sat in the middle of my bracelet around the Valentine's heart beat charm. I think they go really well together.

A lovely little addition with a lot of meaning and love behind it.


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Hyde Park Winter Wonderland.

It's the most wonderful time of the year ... Unless you work in retail (I do), in which case it's probably one of the worst times. Especially as it starts in September! Anything that can help with putting that little bit of ~magic~ back into Christmas is definitely welcome.

That's where Winter Wonderland comes in. I've never been before but have always wanted to. I just don't like the idea of being around lots of people at any time of the year, especially at Christmas and in London.

I recently posted about the ice sculptures which can be found at The Magical Ice Kingdom but today I wanted to focus on the rest of the event. Whilst the entrance fee itself is free, you'll find a whole host of things you'll want to buy. Be that holiday trinkets, food or some of the shows such as The Nutcracker On Ice.

A lot of the vendors only take cash, whilst some do have an EFT machine I would recommend taking cash. As for how much, that's really down to you. I was overwhelmed with everything that I didn't really buy much. But now I know what to expect for next year.

On that note, I'd also point out that food especially and drinks are wildly expensive. I know, I know - it's London and all but nearly £8 for a tortilla wrap? So if you have room for your own drinks and snacks I'd definitely do that

For me personally, it really helped put the magic back into Christmas. It took me a while to sort through the hundreds of photos I took. So without further ado, I shall leave you with just a selection - enjoy!

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Lush Oxford Street - The Basement.

If you've ever been to Lush Oxford Street you'll know that it can be a bit of a sensory overload. So many smells, so many products and three floors to explore. The first time I visited I was so overwhelmed with the vast amounts of products, I didn't know where to begin. After being a few times now I have a general feel for the store and the layout.

If you haven't been and it's easily accessible to you - are you ok?! It's a must for any Lushie.

On my most recent visits during November, I took so many photos I thought rather than do one gigantic post it would be easier to digest if I split them up into the three floors of the store.

Starting from the bottom we have The Basement ...

The Basement is home to the Lush Spa treatments and music which is available for you to sample and buy for use at home. It also has a selection of products for pampering yourself in the luxury of your own home.

When going into the lower section of the shop you're first greeted with a small selection of their skincare and fresh face masks, which almost look good enough to eat. Though I don't suggest it.

I think the main feature of the lower floor is the vast array of massage bars. Whilst there my mum was offered a chance to have someone try them on her which she jumped at. She ended up leaving somewhat relaxed and with silky soft arms.

Dotted around the wooden shelves you'll find numerous glass jars full of raw ingredients with information on where it's come from and how it's harvested, alongside the benefits of why Lush use it in their products.

You'll also find a large section dedicated to the Gorilla Perfumes. You'll find classics such as Dirty and Vanillary as well as new additions like I'm Home and Cardamom Coffee which were available at the Lush Creative Showcase back in September.

The Basement is the smallest section of the shop but it's by no means cramped. It has a slightly more chilled out vibe which is a nice change from the other floors.

I shall have seperate posts on the rest of my Oxford Street experience shortly so look out for those, as they're full of exciting goodies.

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Pandora Fancy Purple Cosmic Stars Clip.

For a little while now I've been meaning to get a new Pandora clip for my bracelet. Not so long ago they had a free bracelet promotion so what better time to grab one.

Part of the reason I'd been putting it off was that I couldn't decide between a couple of different ones. Since my bracelet seems to have unintentionally taken on a pinky purple theme, seeing this in person sealed the deal.

The 'Cosmic Stars' clip comes in three different colourways - a clear version, a pale pink and a purple. I opted for the latter as it was just beautiful in person.

The overall texture of the clip reminds me of the bubble stacking ring. It's studded with light pink, purple and deep pink cubiz zicronias in a mixture of sizes. When the light hits them they just dazzle.

Overall I think this makes a lovely addition to my bracelet, with both sparkles and a splash of colour.

On a side note, I was fighting against overcast natural lighting when I was trying to take these photos but I did what I could. The winter struggle is real y'all! Roll on daylight savings.


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The Magical Ice Kingdom - An Arctic Adventure.

For all the years I've lived a quick train ride away from London (four to be precise) I've never visited Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland. There's just something about being around hoards of people for a prolonged period of time that makes my anxiety peak. Probably part of the reason I've avoided it.

My mum came up for a few days in November so we decided to take a day trip and see what all the fuss was about. I will have another post up on the whole experience but today I wanted to focus on something that totally blew me away.

The Magical Ice Kingdom is something mumma suggested as she'd been told it was amazing. I thought to myself 'ice sculptures? Mehhh!' I went into it having very low expectations of the whole experience but it was so amazing.

The sculptures are created from over 500 tonnes of water and snow, which is just hard to even imagine that amount. Inside the temperature is kept at -8°C though it was -10°C when we walked it so wrap up warm! By the end of it, I couldn't feel my thumbs but you exit out to a big, roaring fire - just perfect for warming yourself up afterwards.

There's not much I can say for the inside except I really didn't expect it to me as amazing at it was. The attention to detail was second to none so I shall let the photos speak for themselves. I've put quite a lot under a jump cut so as not to crash my homepage - enjoy!

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Lush Northern Lights Bath Bomb.

Back in 2014 Lush released two bath bombs Nothern Lights and Sparkler. They were both prone to breaking quite easily due to their elongated and thinner design. This year they rereleased Northern Lights with a more durable design. 

I didn't try the original so I had to take the opportunity to try the improved version, as it would be a totally new experience and I've seen how amazing it is in the water.

As soon as it hits the water it starts foaming up with thick bubbles of blue, purple and yellow. Before eventually making way for an array of other colours, which really do remind me of the Nothern Lights. Right now, it's the closest thing I've gotten to seeing them.

It really puts on a show in the water so it's something you'll want to watch. It froths up in the water quite quickly but it ends up being a slow fizzer. There was even a small piece fizzing away when I got out of the bath, after soaking for quite a while.

Its scent is one that I don't usually gravitate towards but it shares the same fragrance as the Christmas Eve Bubble Bar. Jasmine absolute is the one that first hits you with a delicate floral scent. It is said to help relieve stress and elevate your mood which can help get rid of any winter blues. There's also ylang-ylang oil which gives an even more florally scent but isn't at all overpowering. The scent was strong enough to be able to smell it in my bathroom long after I'd bathed, as well as still smelling it on my skin for a few hours afterwards.

When it's dissolved and the water is mixed together you're left with green water, that manages to look almost pink in places. It's very strange but in a good way.

If you've not tried anything from Lush before (where have you been?!) I feel like this is a good starting point.


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