365 New Chances.

It feels a little weird making this most since we're almost a week into the new year. But I was pretty sick after Christmas and during the new year, so here I am. I wanted to do a little 'goals' (rather than resolutions post).

Better late than never, eh?

» Post every other day. Good quality posts. Well, I've already failed that haven't I? Nevertheless, I'd like to get back to regular blogging, it gives me an outlet and a little something to do. But I shouldn't stress if it doesn't always materialise. It pays to remember that this is a hobby alongside my full time job.

» Be back at my lowest adult weight. I did pretty well over Christmas only gaining half a pound, very proud of myself for that. Now it's time to really focus on the Slimming World plan and get back down to where I was previously. Get back to being happy and confident with myself again.

» Manage my money better. I think this is something I say every year but it's something I really need to start doing.

» Stop procrastinating. I do it all the time and then end up feeling bad about it afterwards. I'd like to get things done and end up leaving them until the last minute.

» Take more chances. Say yes to doing things I wouldn't ordinarily do, explore new places, meet new people and make new memories. In the same breathe I want to make sure I still say no to things that I don't feel comfortable with, or just plain don't want to do.

» Stress less. I get stressed out over the dumbest things and I can never seem to let them go. This is one of the top things I want to work on ridding from my life.

» Get more and better quality sleep. One of those things that usually evades me and makes me a right grumps. We could all do with a few more zzz's in our life.

So there's are just a few things I want to work towards. I'm sure they'll be more things I come up with along the way but it should be a good journey. Let's do this!

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