Casetify Opal Stone Case.

If you've been a longtime follower you may have remembered a Casetify post from a couple of years ago. I loved that case, it was full of things girlie but the overall finish of the case sometimes made it a little less grippy. Definitely not the best for someone who's as clumsy as me!

After upgrading to the iPhone 7+ I knew I needed a substantial case. That's where Casetify's new classic grip case comes in. It seems to be their new standard case going forward.

The new grip case has the regular rigid back piece, which has your choice of design. Around the edge, there's a slightly rubberised, flexible bezel (TPU) which has a slight raise. Which means that should you have your phone face down it keeps the screen lifted off the surface just slightly, meaning no scratches. It's also really great at shock absorbing so if you're as clumsy as me, this is a really useful additional feature.

It has the Casetify logo stamped into the bottom left-hand side, which is pretty inoffensive. I usually forget it's even there. The volume and power button both have buttons built into the case which is easy to use and don't hinder use. I've found cases I've had previously from eBay that covers buttons, difficult to use and it just ends up being annoying. The only cutout in the case is where the ring switch is, which is to be expected really.

Does it bulk the phone up? Not really. The width of the iPhone 7+ is 7.1mm in its natural form, with this case it comes in at 9.4mm. So just over 2mm, which is nothing really.

As for the design itself, I opted for something a little different but colourful. I was on a bit of an opal kick and after adding this to my wishlist I kept thinking about how much I wanted it so bit the bullet and bought it.

In my previous post, I talked about how quick their delivery was but this time it was even quicker. It was dispatched from Hong Kong on December 31 and arrived at my door on January 9. The estimated delivery date was January 17 - January 24. Just over a week, with a bank holiday in there too, is once again brilliant for free delivery.

After free delivery, a discount code and $10 off I ended up paying $25.20 which is a smidge over £20. Some would say that's expensive for a case but each one is made to order and inspected by hand once finished to make sure it's in perfect condition. The cases really do last and I've had quite a few drops and my phone *fingers crossed* has managed to survive so far.

The site has a ton of designs but if nothing takes your fancy, you can even design your own.

$40 (£31.83) but you can save $10 off your first order using the code A2RRCH

Where to buy:

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