Lush Don't Look At Me Fresh Face Mask.

This review is a bit overdue as I got it towards the end of last year. One of the things I love at Lush (well I love everything but) is their fresh face masks. They're supposed to be used in a couple of weeks after making, meaning that you get nothing but the freshest of ingredients in your mask. Which can only mean good things for your skin.

Don't Look At Me caught my eye because of the colour. It's the brightest of the bunch in Lush's current mask lineup and really stands out from the crowd. It was a new release with the open of the Oxford Street store but I believe it's made its way into all stores now.

This mask contains a big helping of murumuru butter and organic silken tofu. All of which really help to nourish and moisturise the skin. Kaolin helps with drawing out impurities from the skin and giving you a good deep cleanse. Alongside lemon juice which helps in refreshing the skin. The lemon juice and grapefruit oil give the mask an uplifting citrusy fragrance.

It also contains rice syrup, ground white rice and rice milk. Whilst the base of the mask really moisturises your skin, it helps with exfoliating and removes any dead skin you might have. Leaving behind fresh, glowy looking skin. This does mean the texture of the mask itself is a little grainy but that's to be expected.

After using this mask I found my skin to look a lot better than it had previous and the texture seemed improved, probably from the exfoliating element.

Lush do a range of masks for different skin types and problems so there's something for everyone. The fresh face masks are something that I really like using as they feel a little more luxe and better for your skin than something that's been sitting on a shelf for a few months.

£6.95 / 75g

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