What To Do When Things Get Bad.

I've been rather open online about my mental health struggles, especially with depression. It's easier to let my feelings flow out of my fingertips rather than trying to talk it out with someone.

I've found myself slipping back into bad habits so I thought I'd focus on something positive and compile a little list of things I like doing that make things seem a little better.

 Get out of the house. Sometimes that can be easier said than done but a little fresh air is good for the soul. If it becomes so overwhelming, something small like a little walk to the closest shop or a drive with a friend who's guaranteed to make you laugh can do wonders.

❤ Listen to something uplifting. Often when I find myself in a downwards spiral it can be tempting to listen to sad music and whilst letting it all out and having a good cry can make you feel better, it ultimately makes me feel worse. Instead, find something with a good beat that you can sing along to.

❤ Talk to someone. A doctor, a therapist or even just someone you trust. It can be scary and intimidating go to the doctor. Will they believe me? But they can suggest what they think is best, be that medication or things like cognitive behavioural therapy. Things can seem so much clearer after a vent. If I'm having trouble verbalising how I feel I tend to type it on my computer, save the document and then delete it.

❤ Pamper yourself. Indulge in a Lush bath, pop a face mask on. Cleanse, tone and moisturise. You might not feel like it but I promise it'll make the world of difference.

❤ Sleep. Have a nap, or just take some time out to rest. I struggle with sleeping when my mind is going through the motions, so I find myself sleeping at odd times of the day. But I remind myself that my body needs the rest that way I don't feel bad about it.

❤ Eat something you enjoy. Whatever it is you might fancy, don't worry about the guilt or the fact it might not be the healthiest of choice. I either struggle to eat or binge, neither of which is healthy. But if I can't eat, I try to have something simple like toast since I know my body needs fuelling.

❤ Make plans for the future. When you're feeling low it might not feel like you want to make plans but giving yourself something to look forward to is really good. It keeps you motivated and gives you a reason to keep going. Whether that be a day trip out or a simple meal out, perhaps even a coffee with friends.

❤ Remember that you've been here before. That you've felt like this before and you made it through. You can do it this time.