Lush 2017 Discontinued List.

Just a quick little one from me today before I try and get back into the routine of blogging properly.

Every now and again Lush have to make room on their already filled to the brim shelves, with something a little new. Of course, this does mean that to make room for new products in their ever expanding range, some things, unfortunately, have to be discontinued.

I'll never get over the heartbreak of the Candy Fluff dusting powder being discontinued way back in 2010. So I'm sure there'll be many Lushies who are losing their favourite products.

The ones that haven't made the cut are as follows ...

Beautiful shower gel
Don't Rain On My Parade shower gel
Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair shower gel
Dreamwash roulade
Turkish Delight roulade
Lavender Hill Mob incense
Yoga bath bomb

So if you want them, stock up now because as soon as they're gone there won't be anymore!


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