Things I Love Thursday #3.

Just thought I'd share a quick post today of a few things I've been loving lately.

❤ This lightbulb key charm from Skinnydip is just delightful, I love the super iridescent material that it's made out of. I'm also loving this Molly backpack, again in holographic material. I just can't help myself!

❤ For as long as I can remember I've wanted blue hair. It's been my goal for years! Work finally got with the times and allowed coloured hair so I jumped at the chance, using Poseidon from Arctic Fox. So vibrant and bright, I adore it!

❤ I've really been enjoying The Saccone Joly vlogs, especially with their newest addition, Alessia. I don't usually like watching vlogs but the kids come out with the funniest things and seeing them grow up and get their own little personalities is so cute.

  Spring weather has been making an appearance lately and it seems to put everyone in a much better mood.

❤ Having a little time off at Easter. Usually, I work bank holidays as it's just extra money for my usual shift but they can be so boring. So I booked a few off this year, meaning I get three days off over Easter and I plan on thoroughly enjoying it.

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