Lush Candy Fluff Dusting Powder.

  I think most Lushies can remember the first scent that got them really hooked on the brand. For me, it was Snow Fairy. The sweet fluffy candy scented shower gel that makes its appearance for the Christmas season.

I wanted to consume everything I could that shared the same scent. Bubblegum lip scrub, Fluffy Egg bath bomb and Magic Wand bubble bar just to name a few of the more recent additions.

One of the things I tried sometime in 2009 was the Candy Fluff dusting powder. It became a favourite of mine but they discontinued it in 2010 to make room for new products. Of course, I stockpiled them and have been rationing them ever since. I still have one that is completely unopened. Living in the hopes that it'd one day make a reappearance. Low and behold it popped up in the Lush Kitchen a couple of weeks ago and naturally I had to grab four!

So what makes me love this so much? Of course, the thing that first drew me to it was the sweet, heady fragrance. Candy floss and pear drops with the latter really shining through giving it a more powdery lasting scent. It's strong but not in an overpowering way.

I apply this after showering directly from the bottle. Doing it this way you'll find you get more than a sprinkling on the floor so I tend to do it in the bathroom. You can also tip it into your palm and do it that way but I've never got on with doing it like that.

It immediately absorbs itself into the skin leaving behind a soft powdery finish with a little golden lustre. It's just a touch so don't worry if you're not a massive fan of too much glitter.

This is the perfect girly addition when used in conjunction with the Snow Fairy shower gel and body conditioner. Even on its own the powders fragrance last for a substantial amount of time.

I was really glad to see this appear in the Kitchen and grab some - finally! If it appears again and you're a Snow Fairy fan or even just prefer the sweet scents give it a try. You won't regret it and if you do just send it my way.


£6.50 / 50g

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