Pandora Galaxy Spacer Charm.

Once you start filling up your Pandora bracelet you'll find that you can end up with a little gap that's not quite big enough for a full size charm. That's where spacers come in handy. You can also use them to break things up a little bit.

My latest acquisition was the galaxy spacer, released with the winter collection towards the end of last year. It's both simple and eye catching in design which is supposed to mimic the look of orbiting stars. Or perhaps even the rings around some of the planets. Just one out of three of the rings is studded with cubic zirconias, anything more than that and I feel it would be overkill.

It nestles perfectly in the little gap I was hoping to fill and breaks up the space at the start of my bracelet between the safety chain and the charms. Worth checking out if you're looking for something to fill that tiny space you have left.



Where to buy:

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