Skinnydip Lightbulb Key Charm.

If you asked me what my favourite colour is I'd have to say iridescent. I know technically it doesn't count as a colour but if I see anything shiny, holographic or opalescent, I'm instantly drawn to it.

I'd been on the hunt for a new keyring for a little while but I'm a fussy so and so!

I was undecided on this when I was browsing the Skinnydip site. Who wants a lightbulb keyring? But I took a chance and it paid off for a change.

The photos on the website don't do it justice. It looks bright blue with dull looking glitter. When in actual fact the material it's made from is ridiculously iridescent. It flits between blue, purple, green, turquoise and pink. You can really see the spectrum of colours in the second photo.

The heart in the middle is made from a rose gold glitter. On the site, it showed the bottom of the lightbulb as having just silver glitter. But in actuality it's holographic so gives you more rainbow sparkles.

The backside is left plain except for the brand name stamped in black. All finished up with a silver tone metal chain and clasp.

Skinnydip have a whole host of shiny things that I've lusted after. I've tried numerous things from them and always been impressed with the quality. They've teamed up and made some really great collaborations such as The Simpsons and Coca-Cola to name just a few. In my opinion, you'd find it difficult to not find at least one thing you like from them.



Where to buy:

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