Lush Sleepy Body Lotion.

There are a few scents that Lush come out with that end up having a cult following. The Twilight scent is one of those and for good reason. Lavender is one that helps me drift off to sleep but on its own, it's overpowering and gives me a headache.

The Twilight scent family originates with the bath bomb of the same name. Expanding into perfume, shower gel and the Luxury Lush Pud bomb from the Christmas line.

Last Christmas I gave you my heart ... Ok, not really but last Christmas Lush showcased a new body lotion that shared the same scent as Twilight. It makes the perfect duo for a well rested evening.

It was one of my favourite new holiday releases so I was so pleased that I even managed to snap a few tubs up after Christmas at a bargain price. I'm assuming there was such a demand for it that Lush has decided to bring it back into their core lineup. Yippeeee! So I thought I'd finally review this lovely little tub.

So what's inside? Firstly we have oatmeal infusion as the main ingredient which helps soothe irritated skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Next up we have an abundance of oils including almond, jojoba, lavender and ylang-ylang which all help to really nourish the skin.

Of course, the main scent comes from both lavender water and a lavender flower infusion with a generous helping of tonka absolute. The finish is a lovely light lavender with a malty finish due to the vanillary tonka. It smells exactly like Twilight which is just wonderful.

The lotion is not too thick in texture and feels light on the skin. It takes around 10 minutes or so to fully sink in. I find that once you start working it into the skin the scent really shines through, it's perfect for those cooler evening and definitely one you'd want to use before bed.

I'm so glad it's finally permanent, I can slather myself in the three pots I currently have in my collection without worrying about running out.


£7.95 / 95g
£13.95 / 215g

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