Lush Monsters' Ball Bath Bomb.

I thought I'd ease myself back into blogging with a few of my favourite things that are easy to talk about - Lush stuff! With it being the month for Halloween it makes sense to try and get some reviews up on the ghostly goodies they have on offer for the spooky season this year.

First up we have Monsters' Ball.

This bath bomb shares its scent with the Calacas family including citrusy, uplifting lime oil for a zesty pick me up. Alongside floral elements from neroli oil and olibanum oil (also known as frankincense oil) which has a sweet, woody scent. It's also really great as it forms a thin protective layer over the skin.

The design is pretty eye-catching and I don't mean that in a punny way. It stands out from the array of different coloured spherical bombs. As soon as it hits the water reams of frothy pink and blue bubbles start taking over, mostly pink to start with but as the outside fizzes away more blue comes to the surface. It's somewhat of a slow fizzer but it puts on quite a show, even though there are very few colours. Once they mix in the bath water turns a deep purple shade, it reminded me of the colour of Twilight shower gel.

Overall it feels moisturising on the skin and is definitely one to try. The scent isn't at all overpowering but it's subtle enough that you notice for a short while afterwards.



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