Buddy Box - When Life Gives You Lemons.

 Life will always give us lemons and making lemonade with them is all very well and good, but what if we don't like lemonade? What if we have enough lemonade to last through the century?

I'd been meaning to sign up for one of these little 'hug in a box' monthly treats for quite some time now. I don't know why it's taken me this long to do so since I've completely gone off the whole monthly beauty subscription. But I love the element of surprise and having a little present to open each month.

I really like the concept behind the box and feel they followed with the theme really well. I can't wait to receive next months already but for now, let's dive into April's box!

C'est La Vie - The French Art Of Letting Go - Fabrice Midal
When I first saw this book, despite it being hardback I thought it'd be a quick read. Something I could whizz through but it's actually quite meaty. It has sections on how to stop holding yourself back along with ways to stop comparing and tormenting yourself. When my concentration is a little better I look forward to diving into this and seeing if it helps at all.
It's available on Amazon both in hardback and Kindle, along with an audiobook.

Blurt Zine
This little magazine is an easier read, with just a few pages outlining the whole idea behind the box and ways to help you on those bad days when you feel like you've been given far too many lemons.

Three Okay Things Sticky Notes
These post-it style notes are such a thoughtful little addition in helping gain perspective on things that are going just alright at the moment which can often be overshadowed by sweating the small stuff. It's nice to take a little step back and actually remember that there are things that are probably going just okay for you right now.

Opitat - Pick Me Up Scrub - Lemongrass Lifter
99p / 10g
I was quite surprised when opening this as I'd expected to be similar in texture to those dry coffee scrubs that were all the rage a couple of years back. When in actual fact it's more of paste given to the fact it's loaded with essential oils. Which not only help with fragrancing the product but also leave your skin feeling silky smooth afterwards.
I've not heard of this brand before but looking on their website they have a vanilla velvet scrub which I bet is divine!

Badger Balm - Mini Sleep Balm - Lavender & Bergamot
£5.99 / 21g
This reminds me of something I had from Lush way back when I started this blog which was their Dream balm. If you're interested in seeing that 8-year-old cringe fest it's here.
As I spoke about in that post, I still have trouble sleeping due to a myriad of different things so if anything can help me then I'm down for trying it. When you first open this the lavender is quite overpowering at least for me personally as I'm not a big fan of it overall. But alongside the bergamot, lavender and ginger it gives you a soothing scent that I feel could lull you into a more relaxed state of mind.
The Badger brand actually does a whole variety of balms (as well as all it's other products) for tired muscles, cuticles, there's even one for keeping those pesky bugs at bay. But the one that piqued my interest is the tattoo balm which can be used on both fresh and healed variants. I might just have to give that one a try.

English Tea Company - Comfort Me
£2.49 / 20 teabags
As a British person I know it's a cardinal sin to admit to this but I'm not a tea drinker, not in the slightest. Or coffee for that matter but that's an entirely different story.
I gave this a whirl this morning as I was prepping to write this post and it's actually not so bad. I didn't finish it because I've actually been rather warm today. Overall the flavour was subtle and for want of a better term, comforting.


£21.50 / Buddybox (5 items minimum)
£12 / Buddybox Lite (3 items)
Both subscriptions and one-off boxes (including past boxes) are available

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