Hello, How Are You?

I hope you've been doing better than I have recently.

Writing this feels more than a little weird. It's been what, a six-month unintentional hiatus?

I'm currently lying under a pile of blankets, surrounded by my lil' purr babies, catching (should that be with a 'K'?) up with the Kardashians and recovering from a post bank holiday food coma. So what better time to make a little appearance on what was once a regular haunt.

It was always my place to get away from the real world, somewhere I could vent my feelings when in reality trying to get problems out of me if you're a stranger is akin to getting blood out of a stone. Isn't it strange how people feel more comfortable talking to an open space, where anyone can stumble across it but trying to explain how you feel to those closest to you is almost impossible.

Where was I going with this post? I'm not sure. I won't lie, I missed blogging. I distanced myself from the entire beauty community. I didn't read many posts, I don't really use Twitter (except to retweet memes) and I always put so much pressure on myself by comparing my journey with everyone else's.

I've never been happy with how I write and if I didn't post every other day I felt like a failure. But holding down a full-time job, trying to socialise, work on my mental health and keep up 15 or so posts a month became all too much. For some people, it's a walk in the park, for others not so much.

But for now, there's no schedule, no pressure, no comparisons (maybe) and no rules.

Here's being back to blogging on my terms, posting what I want - when I want.


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