Lush Creative Showcase 2017.

Before I disappeared from my little piece of the internet I attended the Lush Creative Showcase. How do I begin to describe it? Like Alice was, it's like being immersed in wonderland.

As soon as you walk through the doors of Old Billingsgate you're greeted with that familiar, comforting smell. It's a sweet-scented paradise spread over four floors. Whereby you're able to preview the upcoming Halloween and Christmas releases alongside a whole host of show exclusives and of course the core lines. There really is nothing else like it so it's no wonder that Lushies from all over the world travel miles and miles to get a glimpse behind the scenes of what goes into making those products they know and love.

You're greeted with massive bean bags and swing seats if you need to rest your feet, giant slides connecting two of the floors, a wooden rollercoaster for bath bombs to make their way down and a whole river of Lush running through the main hall. There are areas for hot oil treatments, head massages and hair styling sessions. A moving stage full of mammoth sized shower jellies wobbling and shaking. Giant carousels showcasing their new 'naked' products just to name but a few of the features.

The Lush Kitchen comes to life throughout the day and you're given the opportunity to make a myriad of bath bombs and bubble bars to take home with you. Something about making it yourself makes it seem all that more special.

Downstairs was full of atmospheric music and interactive experiences designed especially for the show, in the hopes of bringing the Lush Spa experiences to life in physical form.

As you move upstairs you reach the most Instagram-able areas. Full of mountains and mountains of all the bath bombs you can get your hands on. This is where you can pick up anything you've had your eye on as you've made your way around. You can also get your hands on a whole host of Lush swag. From aprons to makeup bags, patches to jumpers. Anything you could possibly need, they've probably got it.

The best description I've seen for the show is that it's like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory in real life. The show is an annual event and it's completely worth the £25 ticket price. You can easily make that money back with the things you can make yourself and take home. Plus it's just a delight for all sense and something I will definitely be attending again.

For now, I will let the pictures and vlog speak for themselves. Yes, there's quite a few but it's ridiculously hard to narrow them down when everything just makes me want to *heart eyes emoji*.

Brace yourselves, there's a whole ton of photos coming your way!


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