Buddy Box - Self-Care Isn't Sel-Fish.

It’s one thing hearing that self-care isn’t selfish and quite another to 'know' it. It can feel icky to change habits that might not have always served us in the best self-care fashion. It can be hard to care for ourselves when we feel unworthy of love and care.

If there's one thing that I'm constantly plagued by it's the notion that taking time out for myself is selfish and people that stand by that fact really don't help matters. So having this little reminder that taking time out for myself is not only a necessity but important for our own wellbeing.

Kernow - Chocolate Caramel Sea Salt Spoon
Since the UK is in the midst of another heatwave this couldn't have come at a worse time. I'll be storing this away for when things get a little cooler, hopefully, the heat eases off soon as I'm not a fan.
These little spoons are handmade in Cornwall and I've actually had numerous of their bars before. They have a selection of unique flavours such as apple crumble, Bakewell tart and toffee apple just to name a few.

Blurt Zine
The regular little box addition is full of ideas on how we can find balance in our hectic lives whilst making sure we still take the time to look after ourselves.

DOIY - Fish Socks
How cute are these lil fishies? These are a little thicker than your standard socks so they're perfect for lounging around the house in and keeping your feet toasty.
After checking out the DOIY website they do all sorts of fun and quirky things like bowls that look like the Rome Colosseum or post-it notes that look like all the ingredients in a burger.

Mapology Guides - Where Do Guides Come From?
This is a big fold out that helps to understand the ways in which we can overcome things such as creative block or how to keep the fuel for ideas flowing. It's an interesting read as I often feel like I'm all out of ideas when that probably isn't true. They're just lurking in the back of my brain in a part that I need to focus on more.

Gone Crabbing Soap - Essence D'Estuary
£4.99 / 200g
Upon opening the box, the first thing I could smell was the sweet sandalwood aroma which was coming from this cutely wrapped soap.
The Gone Crabbing soaps all have a sea theme around them, from the names to the wrapping. The soaps are triple-milled which means they contain less water and more actual soap, which in turn create a long lasting hard soap with a smoother finish and a rich lather.
All handmade in the English countryside with vegan ingredients and not tested on animals.

Janelle Silver - A6 Temporary Tattoos 
As soon as I saw these I instantly recognised the designs as I've been a long time follower of Janelle and her illustrations over on her Instagram. Her comics are uplifting and always tend to put a smile on my face when scrolling past them.


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