Buddy Box - Sending Gigantosaurus Hugs.

Our brains are wired to highlight the negative - it's an evolutionary thing to keep us safe from predators and danger. But boy do we wish the positive sang louder and prouder.

At my recent CBT sessions, I was asked how I felt about both my anxiety and my depression. I answered that it felt like I was on a rollercoaster. I was then shown my results over the last few months for both my GAD-7 and PHQ-9 tests which you're required to fill out before each appointment. They both looked exactly like rollercoasters. Up, down, up, down.

What does that have to do with this post? Well, I've been really enjoying the addition of these monthly boxes. I love that they're filled with items that I can enjoy using, or that help to take my mind off things. This box was certainly no different.

Blurt Zine
The two main topics this month are the value of self-belief which is something I don't have very much of, alongside the magic of a hug. A hug from someone you care about it is guaranteed to make you fill a little better.

Shobu - Shower Bomb - Breathe
The idea behind these is that you let it dissolve whilst you're in the shower and it releases the scents that way. Years ago Lush had a similar concept called Emotibombs but they were discontinued to make room for innovative new products.
Whilst I haven't tried this yet the peppermint is what shines through the most upon opening. The additions of rosemary and eucalyptus give it an uplifting fragrance which is especially good for opening your airways and helping you breathe a bit more easily, perfect if you have a blocked or stuffy nose.

Conscious Water - Happiness
The idea behind these little sachets are interesting and not something I've seen before. They're flower essences that you can add to a glass of water to give it a little flavour. They're 100% natural and sugar-free. Now the website states that these give you lasting changes in your consciousness which is ... questionable. There are ones for rejuvenation, serenity and sweet dreams amongst other things. For a 30 pack of sachets, it's £39. For a water flavouring, I find that obscenely priced.
Anyway, I'm going offtopic. Happiness is a mixture of rose, purple magnolia and snowdrop. I haven't tried this as it doesn't really appeal to me.

Nanoblock - Pteranodon Dinosaur
If you're looking to focus your mind somewhere else, this is perfect. It includes a full instruction sheet which was easy to follow. I was so engrossed in following all the steps perfectly that I didn't have time to think about anything else for the half an hour or so it took me to complete this.

Nuggets O' Kindness Card Pack
On those days when you aren't feeling so great, this is the perfect little pick me up. Just pull out a quote card and really take in what it's saying to you. Full of positive affirmations that are sure to brighten your day.

Make Arcade - Worry Dinosaur Kit
The small looking box holds everything you need to make this little cutie, including the templates, materials and plenty of thread. I couldn't tell you the last time I hand stitched something because I'm quite frankly awful at it. I messed up a fair few times with this, his arm is practically dangling off but I guess that's the beauty of hand making something like this yourself.


£21.50 / Buddybox (5 items minimum)
£12 / Buddybox Lite (3 items)
Both subscriptions and one-off boxes (including past boxes) are available

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