Buddy Box - Take Some Koala-ty Time.

It's hard to find time for ourselves. But, taking the time to unwind, and 'just be', is an important part of self-care.

I think taking time out for yourself is something a lot of people tend to struggle with because we're all in such a rush and don't set aside time for ourselves to just be.

Blurt Zine
How much quality time do we give ourselves each week? Even each day? Probably not as much as we should but this little addition lists a good few ways in which we can help to make this happen. Including going for a walk, taking a bath, arranging something with a friend or even having a good ol' binge-watching session.

Oh K! - Under Eye Mask - Ginseng & Eucalyptus
I love undereye pads like this, I find them so cooling and soothing. These help to brighten and illuminate the undereye so it's perfect for those days where you're feeling extremely tired. Instructions state to leave them on for 20-30 minutes but I usually end up getting so engrossed in Netflix or YouTube videos that they stay on quite a while longer.

Self-Care Like A Koala Bear Coaster
I'm one of those people that don't really use coasters, especially as I cannot stand to drink hot drinks. If you happen to catch me sipping on one - there's something wrong! This is cute though and fits in with the whole theme of the box really well.

Self-Aware Koala Bear Enamel Pin
I've always lusted after a denim jacket that I could cover with pins. After being pointed to a cropped one on Asos, which is super flattering and not as weird as it sounds I had to grab it. It's no longer available but this is what it looks like.
Since then I've been adding little pins to it so I was rather pleased to see this cutie. He's sitting on one of my pockets and now has a collection of some other animal friends.

Walk: The Path To A Slower More Mindful Life - Sholto Radford
One thing that was prevalent during my CBT was practising mindfulness. With that being said it was always something that I struggled to get my head around so I'm curious to see if this book can help with that.

Made By Coopers - Calm Aromatherapy Candle
As the temperature drops and the nights start drawing, it's the perfect time to crack out the candles. Forget the overhead lights, I find there's nothing cosier than being surrounded by fairy lights and candles. Plus you get the addition of filling your home with some truly lovely scents.
I'd not heard of this brand but it's made by a young married couple who've strived to make products using only natural, organic and clean ingredients. They're free from parabens, SLS, mineral oil, palm oil, sulfates, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances.
This Calm candle is full of lavender, bergamot, ylang-ylang, rosemary and frankincense. The mixture of scents provides a calm, relaxing scent that makes for a great stress reliever.
The brand looks really interesting and there are already a few products that have piqued my interest.


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