10 Things I Love Sunday #3.

♡ 1 - The spiced winter waffle from Creams. Biscoff ice cream, fudge cubes, milk chocolate curls and Nutella sauce, absolutely delish. A perfect weekend treat.

♡ 2 - Playstation VR. I'd never played any virtual reality games until this evening and whilst they can make you feel a little funny, it's also super fun. I screamed a fair few times when ghosts and zombies were jumping out at me.

♡ 3 - Seeing all the Valentines day things pop up in the shops and knowing I have a good one to spend it with gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and I wish I could bottle it because I don't want it to ever go away.

♡ 4 - I love too many things from Punky Pins and want to cover my denim jacket it in them but this Brie Mine one from their Valentines collection is my current fav.

♡ 5 - Milk Makeup is about to launch on Cult Beauty and I've got my eye on a few bits already so it's good that we can get it from a UK retailer now. Their stick masks look especially interesting.

♡ 6 - Brushed cotton bed covers, even more so because they're grey and covered in stars. They're also super cosy and snuggly. Perfect for the colder weather.

♡ 7 - Blogging my way. Being able to be so active so far this year feels really refreshing. There was a schedule I had in mind and the last week or so I haven't stuck to it but I didn't beat myself up about it I just promised to get back to it when I got home. And I did exactly that. I've written as many posts this month as I did for the entirety of last year.

♡ 8 - Grammarly is a Chrome extension I've been using for years now but it's one of those things that just hides in the background but it's really helped with my blog. It helps correct your writing, punctuation and will often suggest words in which to use to make the sentence flow better and make more sense. And that's just with the free version.

♡ 9 - The 1975. I know, I know - I'm really late on the bandwagon, I remember trying to listen to them years ago but wasn't really feeling it but I'm rather enjoying their new album.

♡ 10 - Working towards a more positive outlook on life. It's a process and it's not always easy and sometimes I just want to jack it all in but I know it'll be worth it eventually.


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