Lush Snow Fairy Body Spray.

I think in general people can always remember the first product that you try from a brand that they soon fall in love with. For me, the Snow Fairy scent is both synonymous with that as well as Christmas.

It's one of Lush's most popular scents that only makes its appearance around the festive season. I think that makes it a little more special because it's unavailable for most of the year.

I got this a little while ago when it was released as an exclusive on the website. It has since been re-released over Christmas with a little revamp being that the front label is actually pink rather than black. I was gifted that one too for Christmas as my boyfriend knows how much I love spritzing myself with the sweet, candy scented spray.

I have so many different things from this scent family that I can have an entire bath or shower experience in which I use solely Snow Fairy scents. What better way to top it off than in it's purest form of a body spray. Unlike most sprays, it doesn't fade away after a couple of hours it's powerful scent lingers around. Quite often I can still smell it on whatever I've worn, even the next day.

It's the sweet, fluffy scent we've come to know and in one of it's purest forms. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


£20 / 200ml

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