Pandora Cute Mouse Charm.

I've been lusting after this cute little charm for quite some time and with the recent passing of one of my cats, it seemed like the perfect timing. Especially as it was in Pandora's winter sale.

One of my fondest memories of my cat Cef was when we bought him a fuzzy mouse for his first Christmas. He ran and hid in the kitchen with it and anytime one of us went near him he would growl and hiss, I think he thought it was a real one.

The charm in itself is simple in design but that doesn't detract from it. I think the lack of detail and oxidisation makes it all the cuter. With little beady eyes and a teeny nose. The inside of the ears are coloured with a baby pink enamel help counterbalance it's smooth, plain body. It's finished off with a dinky dangly tail so whilst it's not a true dangle charm in the regular sense, it does have a little element that makes it stand out. The hallmarks are on the underside of the mouse so whilst wearing they can't be seen.

Overall it's one of the less detailed charms I own but the reason I got it makes it that all the more special.


£25 (originally £35)

Where to buy:

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