Pandora Warm Cocoa Charm.

On a bitterly cold winters day, there's nothing better than snuggling under a big fuzzy blanket with your favourite hot drink topped with lashings of whipped cream, binge watching a good show.

When I first saw the previews for the Pandora winter collection this was the one that stuck out to me the most. Usually, when that happens it's always the one that's region specific so the UK doesn't normally get it. I was glad to see this made its way over to our shores.

What drew me most to this was how much it reminded me of a Starbucks, I don't know why! But Sbux holds good memories for me, being that it's how I met one of my besties so it was a winner for me.

The mug has an enamel heart on either side, which is then topped with a mountain of whipped cream and sprinkles, all finished off with a cute little candy cane. The hallmark is tucked away on the base of the mug so doesn't detract from the design in any way at all.

One thing I did find with this was because the candy cane overhangs on the side of the cup, it didn't sit right with the charm I had next to it and they kept twisting around and just sitting strangely together. With a little rejig I moved my galaxy spacer next to it and it now sits perfectly alongside my other holiday-themed charms.



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