Silcare The Garden Of Colour Regenerating Cuticle Oil.

Every now and then eBay can be really great for hunting out undiscovered beauty gems. I found this out a while ago when I was looking for nicely scented cuticle oils.

I came across these rainbow coloured oils by The Garden Of Colour that came in an array of fruity scents. They were on a really good buy one get one deal so I decided to buy a fair few.

The scents I picked up were Havana Banana - smells like those foam sweets you had as a kid, Coconut - as you'd expect, Melon - very subtle, Kiwi - super fresh and fruity, Raspberry - sweet and reminds me of summer, Yummy Gummy - smells just like jelly sweets, Apple - just like Christmas, Cherry - one of my favourites.

The base of the oils is made from sweet almond oil and peach kernel oil. What I love about these is the scents as they make all the difference. The absorb easily into the skin and leave my cuticles looking hydrated and far less raggedy. As they come in such small bottles they're easy to finish but will still last you a while.

The only thing I would say about these that I don't like is that the bottle is made from glass. I remember the first and only time I used the coconut one, I dropped it on the floor at work and it completely smashed. It left behind a nice smell but I was a little annoyed that I didn't get much use out of it.

If you're looking for a good cuticle oil for a decent price I can't recommend these highly enough. I've been using these constantly for the last few months.


£2.27 / 15ml

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