10 Things I Love Sunday #4.

♡ 1 - First on my list has to be 11 Minutes from YUNGBLUD featuring Halsey and Travis Barker. I've had it on repeat since seeing it pop up in the Spotify new releases. I absolutely adore Halsey, I have for years so it's great to see her getting the recognition she deserves. Plus she sounds just as perfect live as she does on studio tracks.

♡ 2 - Valentine's day is one of those things that seem to divide opinions. Couples love each other most days of the year and it's nice to have a day where you spoil them and might go out for an extra special meal when ordinarily you might not have the chance. Being in a happy and healthy relationship for the first time in my life it's been nice being able to celebrate it.

♡ 3 - That fresh buzzed feeling of a haircut.

♡ 4 - Halloumi, especially the sticks from Nandos that come with the addition of chilli jam. Amazing.

♡ 5 - I've been binge watching Dirty John and am currently halfway through. Another Netflix original, this one's based on a true story about a con man who stalks and harrases women when he doesn't get his own way. Very interesting watch but also highlights the dangers of online dating, even though it's not all bad!

♡ 6 - The KonMari cleaning method is helping me get rid of a lot of stuff. I feel like if I haven't used it for a long time, I can probably live without it.

♡ 7 - Summer is slowly creeping in with the evenings staying that little bit lighter just a little bit later. I find when it doesn't get dark early, I'm more inclined to come home from work and work on my blog because it doesn't feel late.

♡ 8 - Who knew Pretty Little Thing had a plus size section and for a decent price too! They have loads of bits on there that I really want to get my hands on.

♡ 9 - Letting things go. Since turning 30, I've tried my best to try and let things I can't control go. For example, just recently I noticed one of my Pandora clips had come undone and fallen off my bangle. To start with I was pretty upset as it wasn't cheap and the majority of my charms have sentimental meaning. But since knowing there wasn't a lot I could do about it I tried to think of the positives, that I can replace it with something new.

♡ 10 - Working just four days a week. It gives me more downtime and also gives me more time to focus on the blog so a win win.


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