Barry M Liquid Glitter Sparkle Drops - Poppin'.

Remember back in '09 when everyone first started out with blogging and Barry M Dazzle Dusts were at their peak? Since then they've come a long way but not a lot of people seem to talk about them anymore.

Everyone knows how much I'm drawn to sparkly iridescent things so this was a given that when I saw this, I'd want it.

Poppin' looks almost white in the bottle but when smoothed onto the skin the base is almost transparent and loaded with fine iridescent pink glitter.

A little bit goes a long way and it does have a very slight oily finish to it. Due to this if you're using a heavy base it's probably you don't apply it straight to your face. The way I found best to apply this is warming it up between your fingertips and then patting on to the area in which you want it and then going over with a blending brush just for good measure.

This can also be used directly on your body to highlight the likes of your shoulders and collarbones, just add a touch and then quickly blend it out before it sets too much and becomes difficult to work into the skin and leaves you with the dreaded highlighter 'stripes' from not being able to properly blend it out.

It can be difficult to work with to start with but persistence is key and it'll give you a really pretty finish which will make it worth it in the end.


£7.99 / 13ml

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