M.A.C Lip Scrubtious - Sweet Brown Sugar.

At the start of 2017 M.A.C jumped on the lip scrub train along with the likes of Lush and Fresh to name just a couple. Having tried the Lush sugar scrubs in the past so I was really keen to try these to see how they compared.

It seems that on their initial release they had five different flavours but if you go to the UK M.A.C site they only have two. Other retailers such as John Lewis and Debenhams, along with the US M.A.C site seem to have all of them so I'm not sure what's doing on there.

The flavours they do are sweet vanilla, candied nectar, fruit of passion, summer berry and the one which appealed most to me which was sweet brown sugar.

In comparison to the Lush scrubs, the sugar in this one is much finer and has smaller grains. Probably due to the fact that this one is made from sucrose and Lush uses caster sugar.

As to how it performs, just as you'd expect. It leaves behind a light coating of oils which sink into the skin and leave them feeling hydrated. I feel if you had really chapped lips this might not be the best for you and something a bit more scrubby might be better. But to keep your lips in good condition on the daily this is perfect.

I use this as part of my nightly routine and finish with a good slather of Carmex to keep my lips smooth and hydrated whilst I attempt to catch some z's.

The price point is quite expensive for what it is, especially as people like to make their own. But I don't have time to be making my own but if you do, go for it! And since it's from M.A.C I expected to pay a bit of a higher price point.

I really do like this though as sometimes chunkier scrubs can leave my lips feeling a little sore but this is great for day to day maintenance.


£13 / 15ml

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