Patisserie De Bain Rhubarb & Custard Hand Cream.

I don't know about anyone else but I absolutely adore anything rhubarb, whether it smells like it or tastes like it - I want it. It's one of those things that people either love or hate, there doesn't seem to be an in between. I am firmly in the love it category.

This brand first came on to my radar a number of years ago, I even posted about one of their other hand creams in the cherry scent.

What I love about this hand cream is they've managed to capture the essence perfectly with the scent, refreshing with a hint of tart and sweetness. It's a very comforting scent and just reminds me of a bowl of steaming hot rhubarb crumble, straight out of the oven with lashings of custard.

As for how it performs? Effortlessly. These creams take little effort and quickly absorb into the skin, leaving behind no sticky residue just perfectly moisturised hands that smell good enough to eat.

The packaging reminds me of something retro and it's super eye-catching. The formula is also suitable for vegans if that's something that you look for when buying your beauty products.

I love love love the scent of this and is one I will be purchasing over and over again. It smells delicious and really works at keeping my hands hydrated and soft.


£3.99 / 50ml

Where to buy:

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