Zoeva Pink Elements Complete Eye Set.

One of the things you need for any makeup look is good tools to get a perfect application and finish. Since picking these up from IMATS a few years ago they've replaced by go to M.A.C brushes and made their way into my daily makeup routine so I thought it was about time I popped them up on here.

231 - Luxe Petit Crease
This brush is perfect for laying colour down in the crease of the eye as it's tapered and keeps the colour from spreading out too far, giving you that perfect definition whilst still blending it out.

227 - Luxe Soft Definer
This reminds me of the M.A.C 217 so I find it really versatile. I use it to blend out crease colour just that little bit more or applying a wash of colour to the lid. It's also great for laying down loose pigments.

228 - Luxe Crease
Somewhat similar to the previous two but again I feel like these kinds of brushes can be really useful. This really helps contour the eye and helps blend colour with little effort but still ends up looking perfect.

142 - Concealer Buffer
This is perfect for both powder, cream and liquid products so can be used for whatever use underneath your eyes. I also use this on the rest of my face if I need to spot concealer any blemishes as it stops it from blending out and disappearing too much.

230 - Luxe Pencil
I love this pencil brush for the outer corner, using it to lay down colour and shape it before blending it out. I also use it for putting colour on the lower lash line before again, blending it out.

226 - Smudger
This is perfect for the lower lashline or smudging out eyeliner, perfect for that smokey look. I sometimes use this with concealer to shape around my brows or lips if I want that really defined finish.

224 - Luxe Defined Crease
Using loose pigments can be really messy sometimes but this is great for picking up loose colour and seamless blending shadows out. It has a combination of both natural and synthetic bristles

234 - Luxe Smoky Shader
For laying down the main colour on my lids for any makeup look this is the brush I tend to favour. The densely packed bristles pick up colour easily and give the perfect coverage on the eye.

315 - Fine Liner
A super fine eyeliner brush with a bent ferrule which helps to get right up close to the lash line. Best used with gel, cream or liquid liner whether you're after a thin, subtle look or a thicker more out there eyeliner this will work perfectly for both.

237 - Detail Shader
A small and perfectly dense little shader which can be used for small details, inner corner highlight or highlighting along your brow. Also works well for applying glitter or eyeshadow toppers on top of your eye look without disturbing the shadows underneath.

317 - Wing Liner
If you're struggling with trying to get your wings even the best thing to use is an angled liner brush, I find it adapts to your lashline and you can just press it on the outer corner to give you a line to follow for that perfect winged look.

322 - Brow Line
Because I have semi-permanent eyebrows I don't really have a need to fill them in. I find this brush a little on the thicker to get that perfect tapered brow end but like with the 226 it's great for cleaning up and defining brows with a little bit of concealer.

 I adore this set, it has everything you could need to create an everyday eye look to something more smokey and dramatic.

The pink colourway is only something you can buy in this set, you can buy the brushes singly but not in the pink. The thing that drew me most to buying this was how much of a bargain it was, obviously, items at trade shows tend to have a really good discount. Even more so when it's a set as you always end up saving purely for buying them as a set. If you were to buy these on their own they come out to just shy of £100.

If you're looking for a decent priced start set this is something I would recommend. They're just as soft as the day I bought them, they very rarely shed and they really make blending my shadows effortless. Since having these I've become a massive Zoeva fan and want to try out some of their face brushes, perhaps even their makeup too.



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