10 Things I Love Sunday #5.

♡ 1 - On Monday of this past week I got to see Nicki Minaj. It was quite frankly AMAZING - front row barrier, just an absolutely brilliant night. Then on Thursday, it was back to The O2 Arena to see Post Malone, this time around we were seated so he did look like a little ant but since tickets sold out in minutes, being anywhere was a bonus. It seemed like it was over too quickly but it was so worth the time we've been waiting for him to tour Europe.

♡ 2 - A couple of weeks ago I swapped out my turquoise hair and joined the pink hair squad. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or it'd suit me but I've been loving the Barbie life lately.

♡ 3 - The Disappearance Of Madeline McCann. Such an awful story but the Netflix show has opened my eyes to things I don't remember hearing about before.

♡ 4 - Clean sheets, what more needs saying?

♡ 5 - Along with the previous point - cosey pyjamas especially since it's still chilly outside.

♡ 6 - I've been running all my Instagram photos through KUNI Cam lately, I love that it pulls everything together when using similar effects

♡ 7 - I kind of forgot how comforting the Honey I Washed The Kids scent from Lush is, I have it in a few different forms and I love it in each and every one of them.

♡ 8 - I really want an alpaca, I've been pestering my boyfriend for weeks for one. He bought me a cuddly one as a consolation, which is cute but not quite the same.

♡ 9 - Unicorn French Fancies are my current go-to sweet snack. The market is absolutely saturated with mermaid things but these are delish.

♡ 10 - Pandora dropped their spring collection a few days ago and there are already so many lovely things I've got my eye on. This little window charm is so detailed, I didn't realise from the previews I saw after Christmas that the window actually opened.


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